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  1. e463gx

    Using skill to gain EXP

    Looking for a plugin, or solution, to award EXP to an actor by using a skill. I've looked at skill mastery and the like, but i am looking for general experience for actual level up. I can award the experience to a specified character, but need it to be based on the character that uses the...
  2. e463gx

    Gaining EXP through Skills

    I'm trying to build a system where an actor gains exp through skill use. I can easily give experience to a certain character, but I would like it to be based on the character that uses the skill. anyone have an easy way?
  3. e463gx

    Character Generator Help!

    When trying to add parts to the generator, I messed up my Female folders.  My Male folders are working fine, but when trying to create a female model nothing populates, even the default images!  I'm not sure if this is the correct place to request this, but can anyone upload the default...

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