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  1. Red-Pill

    Here is something cool.

    Just found this pic on facebook. It's pretty cool.
  2. Red-Pill

    What are the range of favorite music here on these forums.

    Exactly what the title says, make a vote and comment! Please consider other music in a different language under just one genre so jpop and kpop would go into pop. Anyway, give your thoughts!
  3. Red-Pill

    Getting 2 battles from on screen encounters.

    Like the title says, i'm getting 2 fights from my on screen encounters. I followed redweavers tutorial for on screen encounters so i'm wondering if i may have screwed up some where. Where do you guys think i should look, or have you encountered this before? I can provide screen shots if you...
  4. Red-Pill

    Whats up guys, new to the forum.

    Whats up, I just recently got RPG Maker VXC Ace through a steam sale and I think I've fallen in love with it. I've been watching tutorials for it and am making my first test game. Any general tips could be helpful but this thread is just to get to know the community. Let me get to it. I've been...

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