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  1. Problems with VN Maker

    So I've been playing around on VN Maker for the past few hours, testing a few of the commands, and I've come across these issues. Please let me know if I'm doing things wrongly, or if these functions (especially the text one which I feel is very important) are just not implemented...
  2. Ragnarok- Twilight of the Gods

      Story With the death of Balder, son of Odin, the series of events known as Ragnarok- Fate of the Gods, will begin. It has been foretold in the Poettic Edda that the world will sit through a 3 year winter, where brothers will turn against each other, war will break out and all morality will be...
  3. How to make a skill useable when dead

    As the title suggests, is there a way for a character to be able to use a skill when they're dead? In this case it's a teleport skill that activates a common event, so kinda like Fly in Pokemon. You can still use fly even if your pokemon is dead, but when I tried with my teleport skill, if the...
  4. Falcao ABS item drops affected by knockback

    There is currently an issue with Falcao's ABS which I am using, where weapons I am using with blow power (basically knockback) will knock enemies into the wall. If the enemy is not dead, it will not go through the wall, but upon the killing blow, the enemy ends up passing through the wall...
  5. Khas Light effects+ HUD

    I'm using Kha's awesome light effects and Falcao's Pearl ABS. But when I adjust the lighting with Kha's script, it draws the darkness over Falcao's HUD, so the HP bars, etc also get darkened. Is there a way to make Falcao's ABS appear above the effect layer drawn by Khas light effects, or...
  6. Falcao ABS question

    In Falcao's Pearl ABS, there is a feature where you can give some weapons "blow power" that knocks back the target for X tiles. My question is: is there a way to disable it for certain enemies, like bosses? I've tried Hit Jump = false The scripts can be found here...
  7. Divinity's Edge (early demo now avaliable)

    (This game may contain coarse language and sexual references)     Demo 1.15: Requires RTP Missing Audio file:   My attempt at making an epic, open world game like the Elder Scrolls series. Currently on...
  8. Star passability setting not working

    Hey guys I'm using the High Fantasy Pack, and already made a few tilesets. At first, none of the passability worked, but I fixed it by adding a star to the upper-left most tile of the B part. Unfortunately, some passability settings are still not working, most notably the star ones. As you...

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