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  1. Bug Special Effect Escape Bug

    I've been trying to create an item (smoke grenade) that when used causes the party to escape 100% of the time. However, when I attempt to use the RTP database commands and parameters, it results in an instant game over. After putting breakpoints into the js.manager code, I saw that it goes...
  2. How to check current target's state?

    So I am trying to do an if statement to see if the current target has a specific state. However, I'm wondering how I do that conditional statement. I tried the script call that I saw people used in MV, but it doesn't seem to work in MZ. The first if statement in my event works, but it is based...
  3. RMMZ Check Current Target's State?

    I'm currently using VS battle plugin, but I'm not sure if that's related. I'm attempting to check the target of my selected skill and see if that target has a certain state. In MV I heard you could use a simple script call " if target.isStateAffected(x)" but that doesn't seem to work in MZ, or...

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