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  1. JinKuze

    Guild Development?

    Hey all, so I've been thinking about a project revolving around you the player developing a guild of your own. I have a couple of questions as to how I should proceed to accomplish this. How do I go about having the player input a name for their guild? Recruiting guild members and being able...
  2. JinKuze

    Developing a guild?

    Okay, so I've been thinking recently about making a project revolving around the player developing their own guild along with recruiting guild members. Either way, let's say you start and the player decides, "I should make a guild! The greatest guild ever!" (I know, so good.) So you create...
  3. JinKuze

    Adding more motions/poses?

    Hey all! I was playing around with Yami's YED_SideviewBattler and it works great for adding more frames per motion/pose. However, I can't seem to add more motions other than the default motions. So aside from the 18 default poses, is it possible to add more through this plugin? Or, should...
  4. JinKuze

    Hello fellow RPG Makers!

    Good afternoon people! I've been lurking here for around two to three months.  Off a sale that occurred two months ago I grabbed RPG Maker MV and began working on a project and I'm having a blast so far, with some frustrations of course. I also grabbed VXAce and XP off the recent Picnic Sale...

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