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  1. Ksyoush

    RMMV Mirror reflection plugin?

    Hello. I arleady tried this one but it's very buggy. Any alternatives?
  2. Ksyoush

    Sprite disappearing for a second after changing it

    It doesn't happen when i trigger the event for the second time. Is this a bug?
  3. Ksyoush

    Preventing player from walking?

    Hello. I want to make an event where the player sits on a chair and is only able to turn at one place. the only solution i found is to transfer him to a copied map where the nearby tiles are blocked but it messes up the other events. any way to do that in a one map?
  4. Ksyoush

    Problem with an animated event

    Hello. I'm trying to create an event where you can move out a curtain to see what's behind it.(by showing a picture) My problem is when you leave the room without triggering the second event,it doesnt reset,causing the second event to appear right away without the first one. How can i make all...
  5. Ksyoush

    I don't understand how the sprite selectors work.

    These sprites have the same size. then why is the selecting different?is there a way to adjust it?
  6. Ksyoush

    How to make an event end permanently when you exit the map?

    Not sure if it was asked before
  7. Ksyoush

    Need help with text plugins

    I'm currently using GALV_MessageStyles,GALV_MessageBusts and YEP_MessageCore My problem is that when message...
  8. Ksyoush

    RMMV How to stop the choosing icon from animated glowing?

    If i wasn't clear,this thing:
  9. Ksyoush

    Need help with a "change clothes" event

    So,i tried to do this. It worked but I also want the old image to return if i choose change clothes again. But the new one just stays permanently. How to fix it?

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