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  1. d_a_renoir

    Is this a default plugin or a custom one?

    I recently saw this considerably unique look on an RMMV game, and I wonder if this is a custom plugin/scripting or if this is part of what RMMV gives you? Secondarily, does anyone recognize if the character art is from a purchaseable set or a custom artwork that the creator got for themselves...
  2. d_a_renoir

    Rename a map with script

    Is it possible to rename a map with a script? I saw modern algebra's script where the player can manually enter a name, but is it possible to instead use an item to rename the map? Or set the map name using Areas and such? Modern Algebra's code under spoiler
  3. d_a_renoir

    Anyone has Ying's animal skin icons?

    I remember back in RPG Maker VX forums Ying posted this nice set of animal skins icons. I've gone to Ying's and GrandmaDeb's resource showcase threads, and the animal skins aren't on them. Does anyone still has a copy of that somewhere?
  4. d_a_renoir

    Need help identifying MV tileset

    Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to post. I saw this amazing Feudal Japan sample map in the Japanese RPG Maker Twitter, and I'd like to know if this is a pack that they've made available. The tiles in the dock on the left looks very similar to the VX Samurai pack, but the roofs shown in...
  5. d_a_renoir

    [VX/Ace]Need help IDENTIFYING sprites

    Has anyone ever come across this kind of sprite before? I found this stray sprite in one of my folders, and it's unlabelled. No creator name, no blog/site URL, nothing. It's got a unique style, and it looks pretty interesting...
  6. d_a_renoir

    Help! RMVX repeatedly asking for serial number to be input

    Not sure if this sboukd be asked elsewhere. I sent a support ticket (or whatever it was called), and didn't get any response. It might have been.lost in junk mail, because I barely had sort my junk mail lately. Anyway, my computer broke down once and after repairs I reinstalled VX on...
  7. d_a_renoir

    [Ace] Tweaking Galv's menu script

    Can anyone help me to edit Galv's menu script so that each of the vertical portraits is squared-off by the border. In the default format, all 4 portraits are just tossed into one big square with "invisible borders".  I want it to be edited to be something like this: I just want the...
  8. d_a_renoir

    Am I misunderstanding the list of contents of the Parallax Mapping guide?

    Sorry if this is the wrong subforum. The guide is in the store, so I assume it's counted as "products". So the description says that it contains "Bonus: Catch a glimpse of how Celianna creates some of her tiles!" Does this mean that there's a tutorial for tile-making included in the pack? I...
  9. d_a_renoir

    RPG Maker DS big sprites?

    While browsing I happen to see this in a Japanese store for RPG Maker DS:   Is this a DS-only material set? Because I don't see it in my DS+ pack. Or it's even a Japanese-only material that I won't find in the English release? I really want those battlers and big icons and so I wonder where I...
  10. d_a_renoir

    One character's faceset not showing up in battle

    I'm not entirely sure why this happens, and no matter what I do only that one guy's faceset won't show up: I'm not even sure what could've caused this. When I open up his status page the faceset shows up just fine there. I changed the faceset to a different face and it's still not showing...
  11. d_a_renoir

    Is there an XP version of Galv's custom menu script?

    The one that makes the menu layout look like this:
  12. d_a_renoir

    Is the Samurai bonus game still being translated?

    I remember asking about it and Archeia said it's going to be worked on? Or at least the English team has permissions to do it? So... how's it going? I can't find my original thread, so I can't see if there were any updates posted there or anything...
  13. d_a_renoir

    Event graphic screwup

    I have my item sprite be put in a big charset to save space: This is the event screen: I've set the graphic to be the animal skin, but... sometimes the teacups would show up instead: I figured it might have had something to do with the direction the animal was facing, so I tried...
  14. d_a_renoir

    Auto-battle pet with 4-man party?

    I used OriginalWij's script, but it only allows the pet to join the battle when your party member amounts to less than 4. When I have a 4-man party, the pet vanishes. IS there a script around that can allow me to have a pet who will participate in battle AND a 4-man party?
  15. d_a_renoir

    OriginalWij Pet script + Tankentai?

    I'm using OriginalWij's simple pet script with Tankentai. Now the pet is not exactly considered "party member" and it will not show up in the party member list, but will show up in fights. However, if I fill up my party with 4 people, the pet will vanish and not become a 5th fighter. How od I...
  16. d_a_renoir

    Samurai Pack bonus game

    So... I happen to see that in the Japanese version of the Samurai RTP pack they included a bonus sample game of sorts. Was that game ever ported to English or at least available for download somewhere? I don't recall it being part of the English purchase or find the game uploaded anywhere, but I...
  17. d_a_renoir

    RPG Maker DS+?

    Will you guys ever port the RPG Maker DS+ resources? I'm very interested in their supposedly-very-customizable portraits and their ancient-Japanese-themed tiles and sprites.
  18. d_a_renoir

    This is ART... maybe

    Well. Supposedly this is fanart of Indy and Ensorceller's game "Book of Legends", but because they're RTP characters they can be anyone at all. Jordan and Jasmine. Or Demon Overlord and Random Miko. Or... whatever you may choose to name them. I don't even know anymore, man...
  19. d_a_renoir

    MultiFrame Sprites

    Ah, a script for multi-frame for Ace! Thank you for making this. This even looks easier than the other one I found. I don't get the "%" sprite thing, though. Am I supposed to name the custom sprites with % in front?
  20. d_a_renoir

    Materials For VX Samurai Tilset B Signs Questions

    I'm still not sure why you're so adamant about translating the kanji. It's not like it really matters... 1) This what the yellow kanji says: 宿旅. Both of them together just means "inn". Or, if you want to be very literal, it translates to "travel inn", but it still technically just means "inn"...

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