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  1. Kuwabara Germinal

    NeoSoulGamer's First Impressions and Tutorials

    Thanks again, @Neo Soul Gamer the video was amazing. This first act is more like a tutorial, so the battles are quite easy overall, except by the boss. About the bandits, it is more like @Sauteed_Onion said, they found the lands empty and take the place. As Neo Soul Gamer chose Investigate and...
  2. Kuwabara Germinal

    FREE Looking For Testers - Bleeding Sun

    The campaign has 6~8 hours.
  3. Kuwabara Germinal

    FREE Looking For Testers - Bleeding Sun

    Hello! I finished developing Bleeding Sun a few days ago. The game has gone through preliminary tests, and it is ready to be tested by a large group of people. I’m looking in particular for people fluent in English to report any mistake or weirdness. The tests will be through Steam, so it’s...
  4. Kuwabara Germinal

    How late is too late to introduce Party Members?

    I think that it's never too late, but the characters cant have the same "appeal level". A later character needs something special, something more to have space in my party. I get really attached to the characters I use, I will continue with them even when there is better party formation. So each...
  5. Kuwabara Germinal

    How do I make a land vehicle for overworld use

    Maybe with or this, the condition can be a javascript code, but i dont know a "player is on a vehicle" check.
  6. Kuwabara Germinal

    YEP Extensions by Aloe Guvner

    really nice work, i will definitely test it later
  7. Kuwabara Germinal

    I want to play this game because...

    Original artwork will make me try the game or at least look for more information about it online, but only a good game mechanic will make me stay playing it for a long time, the art can be bad or simple, the story can be boring if there is a option to skip. But if the mechanics are solid I like.
  8. Kuwabara Germinal

    Snares of Ruin

    Your game looks good, the action scene at the docks remember me of shadowrun
  9. Kuwabara Germinal

    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    Your battle system looks really dynamic. The animations are good too, that coop attack one is really funny
  10. Kuwabara Germinal

    RMMV Hidden Trace (Update : Battle Demonstration)

    I like this Sensing System idea, the puzzle can be much more dynamic with it.
  11. Kuwabara Germinal

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Eremiel - Source project now available!

    Cool game, i saw it on driftwood sometime ago, i dont know if you improved it or driftwood was having trouble playing, but he make the game looks complicated, but playing it now i liked it, moving and shooting is really smooth. The only problem i have was in understanding the slimes attacks, the...
  12. Kuwabara Germinal

    RMMV Easy Lover

    i dont even knew that was possible to get this side view style, congratulations, it looks here good
  13. Kuwabara Germinal

    RMMV Nevaryth(on hold)

    wow, I really like this first person view, never see this in any other place, but i think that smaller hands or some kind of animation that the hands are lower in the screen and just go up when is time to cast or attack would be better, because i think the hands cant be the focus of the fight...
  14. Kuwabara Germinal

    Hello my friend, stay a while and listen

    My name is Jaime, I am a game developer from Brazil, that is why my English can be confusing sometimes hahaha. I am working on a MV project and trying to increase my knowledge on the engine and what options i have to create my own games, and i think that a forum like this is a good start xD.
  15. Kuwabara Germinal

    Working on Bleeding Sun

    Working on Bleeding Sun

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