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  1. jobar

    Bust dialogue

    Hi, I would like to have your advice on something. I am planning to display the busts of my characters (original art) for my dialogue. However, I can't have a original art drawn for every NPC in the game, thus many NPCs have neither bust nor face to display. Do you have any trick or advice to...
  2. jobar

    Use item from inventory through Common Event

    Hi Everybody, I am looking to do one of two things, but can't figure out either: Force use an item from the inventory on the party leader through a common event OR 2. Run a common event when using an Item from the inventory. I want the event to Run BEFORE the item effect is applied...
  3. jobar

    Choices in 2 columns

    Hello everybody, I am looking for a plugin that would allow more freedom on how the "show choices" box can be displayed. I would like to be able to control: - the position of the box, - the size the "clickable" box for a choice - the grid the choices are displayed in: number of columns and...
  4. jobar

    Wonder Language - Cute Wooden Cabin

    Hello everyone, I want to share a piece of pixel art that I commissioned for my project of educational RPG (Wonder Language) but will not be using. It is a wooden cabin to be used for parallax or added to a tileset. The door is 72 pixel high. Term of use: Non-commercial use: Authorized...
  5. jobar

    RMMV Wonder Language : an educational RPG

    Hi everybody! I am here to present a project on which I have been working on my spare time for the last few months. It is an educational game. I am working on a demo and hope to gather a little bit a money to complete the game. Synopsis - Wonder Language: The language learning RPG Wonder...

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