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  1. Izares

    Item popup

    So I whenever I pick up an item I want it to show the item gotten above the event it was gotten from. Thanks! - Izares
  2. Izares

    Need title for game!

    Resource Type: Title Screen Maker Format: MV Art Style: Pixely Description: The Title is Overseer. I want it to have mountains in the back and I want it to be Dawn. Also the left side should be in full color and the other side should have no color. And if possible make it fade between no...
  3. Izares

    Lighting Plugin

    I need a good dynamic lighting plugin! Does anyone know of any good ones? - Izares
  4. Izares

    Tactical Based Combat plugin

    I need a tactical base combat plugin Like Leocodes. Except I cant find out how to use it if someone can help me that'd be great. (if there is a tutorial on this can you send it to me?) Thanks Izares
  5. Izares

    Need script

    I need a script that when I get 2 weapons it splits into 2 piles  :)
  6. Izares

    Need stat point script! Please help!

    I need help finding a stat point script Please help!

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