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  1. Willibab

    Time Systems!

    I'd like a time aspect in my game, if only to reset dungeons and gain a certain amount of resources per day (based on many factors such as buildings you own etc...), possibly more eventually. The problem is what consequences to add as im not a fan of time limits ^^ I can have it for certain...
  2. Willibab

    Passive Buff Colored Sprite

    I would like to re-create FF2 buffs, when you buff a character then the sprite becomes a color (based on which buff it is) like this. Using Yanfly visual state FX seems perfect but i have to implement it into animations, seems easier to...
  3. Willibab

    RMMV New Game+ (traits/boon/bane reworked)

    Im considering using this mechanic... ::: THE NUMBERS ARE NOT BALANCED AND WILL MOST LIKELY BE ADJUSTED A LOT ::: A new game+ is triggered when you beat one of the major storylines in any brancing path. (many paths are unavailable until you reach a certain skill requirement which blessings...
  4. Willibab

    How do you start your game?

    Im thinking of making a scenario where a village is attacked and everyone killed, and you choose the person who is gonna be the sole survivor (and that will be you). Each of these has a background story based on their job in the village and will determine what you are capable of and which...
  5. Willibab

    Non-traditional Armor Types

    I am abit sick of the light/medium/heavy armor troupe. Trying to figure out something else. Maybe something like. ENCHANTED: +Recovery / +Barrier / State resists MITHRIL: +Potion Strength / +Evasion / M.Evasion / physical resistances RUNEFORGED: +Crit resistance / +HP / magical resistances...
  6. Willibab


    I love Fallout NV....So im ripping them off :P Gonna have some traits you can choose while creating your character, so far ive got. DEAL WITH MALCHALUS: +20% EXP / -10% ALL STATS DURODEN'S BARGAIN: +20% GYO / -20% EXP BARDAZH'S SEAL: +20% EXP / -20% GYO MARK OF ANIMAGUS: +1% MP REGEN / +50%...
  7. Willibab

    TypeError: IconIndex - APSkillupgrade

    I get this error when i added APSkillupgrade plugin. ''TypeError: Cannot Read property 'iconIndex' of undefined'' Turning off Supertools doesnt help Any ideas?
  8. Willibab

    Simple Pixel Armor Icons (Free)

    Some armor ive created for my own game. Feel free to use as you wish. Will be adding more as i create them. Helms: 11 (375 Color Variants) Chests: 7 (245 Color Variants) Shields: 5 (150 Color Variants) Link:
  9. Willibab

    Simple Pixel Weapon Icons (Free)

    Some weapon icons i created for my own game. Swords: 89 Staffs: 58 Axes: 44 Maces: 36 Spears: 21 Daggers: 13 UPDATE 1: Added 55 swords. Examples: Link: You can use these as you will.
  10. Willibab

    Simple Pixel Spell Effects (Free)

    Some spell effects i made for my pixel game and figured i'd share. Made with BlastFX. They are not the most impressive effects as i got the program yesterday but hopefully ill get better. LINK:
  11. Willibab

    SumRndmDde - HUD Maker ''Conditions''

    Using to make a battle ui. I intend to replace the in-battle ability/skill pop up menu and item pop up menu with my own background. Created the background easily with the tool but the background is there constantly, i think i need to add a condition that makes...
  12. Willibab

    State/Skill/Passive that upgrades only one specific function of a skill?

    I would like my skills to be weak at first but upgradeable, but having to focus on a specific part. Example: Thief starts with the skill Steal. -Steal- Cost: 50 action points Success Chance: 20% -Upgrade 1- Reduces the action point cost of Steal by 2 (unlocks more ranks for exponentially...

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