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  1. Mega Man Volnutt

    [DragonBones integration] Cannot Read property "data"

    So I installed the dragonbones integration by AK or whatever their name was and I ported everything over and replaced the index.html for my project and I end up with Cannot Read Property "Data". What gives? I used these links...
  2. Mega Man Volnutt

    Elemental weakness increase per hit (AKA a "chain")

    So in FFRK (final fantasy record keeper) there's this pretty useful soul break type called chains and they "lower" the elemental resistance every hit up until it caps to either 99 or 200. It's simple. It goes something like this: Each hit a move does is +.1% damage. So if everyone works...
  3. Mega Man Volnutt

    Slightly Altering Yanfly's dualcast code

    Can anyone point me to how I can add a skilltype to the requirement? I looked into the code and i'm kinda stumped on how I can make the ID 1 skill type a part of the requirement for dualcast
  4. Mega Man Volnutt

    yanfly atb gauge - Instant skill use

    What i'm trying to accomplish with this plugin is when my user is using a skill it fills up the gauge as theyre using the skill. so basically no waiting for the atb gauge to fill, it does it automatically.
  5. Mega Man Volnutt

    looking for a tileset that looks more akin to SNES (or rpg maker 2k3)

    I have created characters that look like they came out of an SNES so I want to find tilesets that look like they came from an SNES game too so they compliment well. Just throw in a whole bunch of things i'm looking for both modern and fantasy
  6. Mega Man Volnutt

    a skill replaces attack and defend temporarily

    Is this possible? To keep things simple, this is exactly how I want it to go out: Harold uses the skill Burst, does a few hits and whatever then suddenly attack and defend is replaced with two different skills: one that deals 2 hits in replace of Attack and one that does 1 hit and heals...
  7. Mega Man Volnutt

    Yanfly Limited Skill Uses - Increasing skill uses for a chosen skill

    After being inspired by FFRK I have decided to use Limited skill uses. But i don't know how to make it so the player can *choose* to increase/hone abilities rather than using one item for all skills or skills with the types. Theres one close to what I was trying to get letting me increase one...
  8. Mega Man Volnutt

    Removing the skill stuff

    There is skill types under skills - skill types in the pause screen. Is there any way to remove that? I want to remove all but equip skills
  9. Mega Man Volnutt

    Yanfly's visual state effects - multiple states

    Is it possible to have multiple state animations for this plugin, if not can I have it modified? At the moment all I can really do is one state animation.
  10. Mega Man Volnutt

    "anyone can use a skill"

    Basically what I want to see is some way for characters to share every skill that is learned. So, harold learns fire probably through a book or a skill tree. That means theresa and the others can as well. SOmething like that. I want to do this because I had an idea for Yanfly's skill equip...
  11. Mega Man Volnutt

    learn skill types through skill trees

    can anyone point me to plugins like this? Basically i am thinking of a system were the user can use a skill tree (or other means like leveling up) to learn different tiers of skills. So basically something like this: Harold can initially only know tier 1 black magic which they can only use...
  12. Mega Man Volnutt

    "Sticky bomb"

    So I'm trying to make a sticky bomb type thing. THis is how i'm trying to make it work Harold uses the skill on one enemy It doesn't do anything for 2 turns Then suddenly it hits the opponent
  13. Mega Man Volnutt

    Side view battlers but only using one sprite

    Since I gave up on front view + plugins. Is this possible? I only want to use one frame. That means, the character is just a standing statue (I'm more looking for fighting heads (portraits as battlers) ) for their attack, throw, shoot, etc.
  14. Mega Man Volnutt

    YEP Row formation for front view

    I'm looking for a version of Row formation that "grows" and "shrinks" the enemy based on rows. Basically just any kind of visalization that helps me know what row the player and the enemy is in.
  15. Mega Man Volnutt

    Looking for a set of plugins that give skill to the game

    FOr my RPG Maker game I want to make it so I can give more skill to the play. Such as good reflexes and reactions could increase the ability to dodge... Just some set of plugins where you could either destroy your enemy in one - three hits or can easily not get hit at all with enough reaction...
  16. Mega Man Volnutt

    Adding a weapon's elemental damage to a skill

    Is this possible? PLugin or not. Say I have a weapon that does attack damage of Fire. I also want the skill "Ice" to do fire damage because the weapon has a fire elemental attribute as werid as it sounds.
  17. Mega Man Volnutt

    actor/enemy types

    I'd like to see a plugin or find a plugin that allows actor types so I can do stuff like extra damage VS anything such as a sword having extra damage against robots or goblins.
  18. Mega Man Volnutt

    Skill that decreases item chance

    Is this possible? weather with a plugin or not? Basically I'm trying to turn that 1/10 probability to 1/9 or 1/8 with a skill.
  19. Mega Man Volnutt

    skills as part of an inventory

    Is it possible to have skills act as items in which all actors can equip anytime they want? Kinda like in FFRK
  20. Mega Man Volnutt

    trying to make a FFRK based system

    Can anyone point me to the right plugins, for anyone who played the game? - you only have 2 skills you can equip ( I already found a plugin for that) - Skills require uses, not MP. - Your skills are within your inventory in which you can hone them (increase their uses) if you find enough...

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