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  1. Brigg

    Artwork Permissions for outside Projects

    Hi all So I read in a GM post that you cannot use the artwork (which I'm assuming is part of the RTP) for anything other than an RPG project without special permissions. "-- You may contact us for special permission to use resource packs outside a project. Not all permissions are granted, but...
  2. Brigg

    var(var(n)) == var(var(n)) not working?

    I have an event that sets values to Variables 24-31. Variable 11, in this scenario, is a random number. Rather than list them individually, I made a loop that references another variable within the variable. However, I just can't seem to get it to work. I realize, listing them is technically...
  3. Brigg

    How can I locate my product key?

    I bought RPGMMV shortly after its release, but I uninstalled it when I was having a weird dll issue. Now I want to tinker with the sprite creator, and I can't find the email with the product key. Is there somewhere I can find that?
  4. Brigg

    Effectus:Undefined method 'collect' for Nil:NilClass

    This is happening in my Effectus script. I realize Effectus is a plug & play outside of RPG Maker, however, the people at Effectus (Source) have been MIA for about a year now, so I'm desparate and come to you all for help. It's been a rough night. The script line in question is the uploaded...
  5. Brigg

    Events Overlapping Show Picture

    This suddenly started happening tonight. When I pull up a picture, all my events and some tiles are above the picture. Any idea what might have caused this?
  6. Brigg

    Fetching a number in an array within an array

    if "$game_variables[n][2]" pulls up the third number in the array of [1,2,3]. what pulls up the second number in the first array? [[1,3],[2,2],[3,1]] Thanks for your help.
  7. Brigg

    Window_NumberInput Error

    So not sure what's happening here. Seems pretty straight forward, but after I input the number for variable[84], I get the error below. Any idea what I'm doing wrong??
  8. Brigg

    Variable Batch Comparing

    I'm trying to use a Conditional Branch to compare a Variable to a Batch of Variables to check if the a variable is within the batch of variables. I can't seem to get it quite right. Is there a way to do this? This is what I've been tinkering with, but it doesn't seem to be working. The...
  9. Brigg

    Editor Window Delay

    I've been battling this for a while. Not sure what else to do. After my PC has been on for a while, opening any windows in editor mode, be it a new or existing Event Window, the Database, whatever, it delays for about 6 seconds. If I restart my PC, no issues for a while - at least until I...
  10. Brigg

    Accessing Map Notetags

    I'm trying to access notetags within Map Properties. @Another Fen helped me with pulling notetag info out of stuff like items, weapons, armors, etc using: $data_items[id].note[/<id:(.*?)>/i, 1].to_i Using that Script Call formula, I tried using this...
  11. Brigg

    Script Calling the Entire Troop Help

    Hey Gang! I'm trying to adjust battler's params, but I want it to adjust all of them at once. I've tried: $game_troop.members[index].param[id] I was hoping "[index]" would apply to the entire troop, but alas, it is not. It's expecting a number 0-7 for the .members[index_id]...
  12. Brigg

    Event Editor Window Glitch

    My event editor has bugged out somehow. I'm beginning to worry that my program has been corrupted. I posted a thread in the technical section, but not sure if it would go there or here. If someone could take a look, I'd greatly appreciate it. Here's a link: Event Editor Window Glitch...
  13. Brigg

    Event Editor Window Glitch RMVXA

    Hey gang. Something weird happened today. I created an event, and this happened: It was working fine just before that, but now every window I open does that. I can restart the program, but same issue. The only thing that seems to temporarily fix it is restarting my computer, but only...
  14. Brigg

    Upgrading the Attack Command

    Hey everyone! I've decided to simplify my Skills to avoid so much Menu jumping. I'd like to be able to upgrade the first skill (1. Attack) as you are leveling. I tried changing a stronger attack's Skill Type to [None] which Attack is, but it doesn't seem to be working. I was hoping that once...
  15. Brigg

    Note Tags into Variables?

    I'm trying to simplify some templates I use in several common events. Hoping for 2 things.     Is there a way to pull a notetag integer from an item's note box and turn it into a specific variable without adding a script? Something that might possibly look like this: $data_items[id].notetag[n]...
  16. Brigg

    Composite Sprite/Visual Equip Problem with Accessories

    Hoping someone who has used this script, Modern Algebra's Composite Character/Visual Equipment, has also seen this problem and can tell me how they were able to fix it. According to the script, my layers (z0) are all sorted correctly and in the right priority, however, when I use, for example...
  17. Brigg

    Error when Saving or Continue existing game.

    I've recently added a visual equip script to my game. Today, when trying to continue a game, I got this:         Here's the line from Modern Algebra's Composite Character script where the error occurred:       Modern Algebra's Composite Characters & Visual Equips Yanfly and Todd's Autosave by...
  18. Brigg

    RMMV License Different From RMVXA?

    I downloaded the trial for MV. Love the Sprite creater, Side Battle option, and the double layers for tilesets. Not enjoying the graphics though. With the tiles being 48x48 rather than 32x32, I expected a lot more detail across the board, but was disappointed with the walking sprites (walking...
  19. Brigg

    Events Rushing & Skipping Event Commands

    So about 25 hours of gameplay into my project, my game has developed a little quirk. If there are a series of switches, states, events, transfers, whatever, it plows through to the last one and skips the rest. This has never been a problem before. I just started noticing it recently, and...
  20. Brigg

    Code for Current Base Stat

    I'm trying to figure out how to pull up a player's ATK without the stat increase from the equipped item. something like: $game.actors[id].atk - $game.actors[id].equip_id_atk(0) or something to that effect. I'm using common events for a gear crafting system. Everything is in place, but I'm...

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