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  1. Meguido

    A Punishment for Mai Chapter I - Updated to v1.2

    Hello everyone! So the first chapter is finally here. Maybe you've been following the progress on here: but if that's not the case I'll write down almost the same info that's in there.   A Punishment for Mai is a...
  2. Meguido

    A Punishment for Mai

    Hello everyone, after a long (yeah i must apologize cause it took me too long) time I finally had time to get the game i'm working on introduced here...       A Punishment for Mai is a Thriller based action-rpg game with a horror background atmosphere. You control Mai; a girl which is trapped...
  3. Meguido

    Compatibility Add-on between Hime's Equippable Limits and Instance Items

    Equippable Limits Compatibility Add-on with Instance Items by Meguido   Introduction A few weeks ago I asked for this compatibility to Tsukihime but then I made it myself. So if you (like me) want to have compatibility between this 2 scripts you can use this little script. Basically it makes...
  4. Meguido

    Getting the weapon/armor params?

    Hello everyone, I feel really bad with this being my first post in this community... It's not the best way to start :( Well to the point, I've run into a "trouble" I mean, i don't know how or when the weapon/armor' stats are applied when equipping it. I searched in the base script for...

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