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  1. comedianmasta

    Request for Victorian Soldier VX Ace Char and Face please!

    Hello artists. Today I would like to request a resource to make my game look a little better. I have "soldiers" in the game but I've been getting comments they look too medieval, which is true. So I come to you and request that someone who has the time might consider helping me out. Request: A...
  2. comedianmasta

    Old Diving Suit VX Ace Char Sheet

    Hello artists. Today I would like to request a resource to make my game look a little better. I have an underwater section in my game and I am currently using a knight suit as a "diving suit". This close to release, a beta tester told me it takes them right out of it. I figured it's time to try...
  3. comedianmasta

    Victorian Bobbies VX Ace Resources

    Hello artists. Today I would like to request a resource to make my game look a little better. I have made use of some free to use "cop" resources but they aren't really adding to the experience. Request: Some victorian "bobbie" char sheet(s) RPG Maker: VX Ace Description: Victorian...
  4. comedianmasta

    Carriage/ Hansom Cab Request (VX Ace)

    Request: Victorian Carriage/ Hansom Cab, Char Style: VX Ace Style Description: A black (or decorated, if you choose) carriage done in the style of a Victorian England enclosed carriage. I would appreciate it done in the same size and shape as the Vehicle sprites. No animals necessary as I can...
  5. comedianmasta

    VX Ace Generator Parts Hats

    Request: Generator Parts (Hats) Style: VX Ace Style Description: In order to better flesh out my steampunk/Victorian world I need help being able to make more characters and background characters. I would like hats generator parts for Minis in the VX Ace style I'll put in the Kemono section...
  6. comedianmasta

    Balloon Char Sprite Request VX Ace

    Hello Guys, this one should be simple but I have the art skills of a newt. For VX Ace I would like a lone kid's Balloon sprite that can more and float on its own. I would prefer a red one, but it should be simple enough to make a group of them of various colors or even a bushel that moves...
  7. comedianmasta

    VX Ace Pangolin Animal Request (Think- Armadillo but cuter)

    Request: Pangolin Animal Sprite, Char Style: VX Ace Style Description: Pangolin is a cute desert animal sort of like an armadillo with armored scales along its body. Please see reference images located below. Stretch Request: Not necessary for request, but perhaps a behavior sheet of it...
  8. comedianmasta

    [VX Ace Char] Hedgehog Sprite Request

    Hey Guys, let me try and make this great. Style: VX Ace Need: Char Sheet Description: I would like a hedgehog sprite. Just a cute animal hedgehog in the VX Ace style. Normal size will be fine. Feel free to use reference photos below if you don't know what a hedgehog is or how to use google...
  9. comedianmasta

    FREE /HIRED? Art assistance for VX Ace Required for Steampunk Zoo Game

    RPG Maker VX Ace Wild Araz Theme: A Steampunk Lore Dump for a collaborative writing website: Citizens of Antiford (dot com). Wild Araz is a visual representation of their collaborative world of Orr and their titular country of Antiford. Players are a Zoo Employee living in the basement of the...
  10. comedianmasta

    Elephant Sprite VX ACE

    Hi, I'm looking for an Elephant Sprite. Multiple colors and the like would be nice, but a normal grey elephant sprite is much appreciated. Style: VX ACE Look: African or Asian Elephant, preferably Grey. Tusks appreciated, but if you do multiple different Genders and sizes might be nice. Up to...
  11. comedianmasta

    VX Ace Battler Request Robo Copter

    Hello everybody. I’ve gotten desperate and ended up here. I’m going to do my absolute best to make this request as good as I can. My artists have dropped out on me and I’m forced to put my RPG Maker project of 2 years aside as I lack art assets to finish. I have finally decided to finish it...

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