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  1. Jeremy Cannady

    Battle States

    During battle I would like to add a custom state function for when a specific state is applied. And I only want it to run once. Do I hook into:  Game_BattlerBase.prototype.addNewState And also every time the update is called I want to check if the actor has the state applied or not. Do I hook...
  2. Jeremy Cannady

    Scene return Boolean

    Once a scene ends typically through scenePop() or something or another is it possible to make it a return a true or false value. For example you can create your own conditional loops in the event page. I want to run a scene and return true if the scene/player met certain conditions in the...
  3. Jeremy Cannady


    Cryptext Cryptext v0.9 by Jeremy Cannady Introduction Adds a cryptext/password to the game. Features 1.Password type entry system. 2.What should happen if you get the password correct? Change a game variable? Screenshots How to Use Script command of...
  4. Jeremy Cannady

    Draw Animated Actors in any Window

    AnimatedActorsWindow v1.0 Jeremy Cannady Introduction This script will allow other scripters to place animated actors in any window. Currently the game allows you to draw faces and characters in windows. This script will add the animated battler with any motion to a window and will animate...
  5. Jeremy Cannady

    New Windows Selectable

    I am just about finished putting my finishing touches on a windows core script. This script will allow users to make windows that have the cursor changed from a default flashing rectangle to a circle cursor. The script will also support changing the cursor color in game. I made this thread to...
  6. Jeremy Cannady

    Sprite help

    Can someone explain what .origin and .anchor do/mean? I haven't a clue and haven't been able to find out.
  7. Jeremy Cannady

    Monster Breeding System

    Monster Breeding System BreedingSystem v1.0 by Jeremy Cannady Introduction This script creates a monster/actor storage box system. Do to my ongoing monster breeding script I felt this script also needed to be created. Features 1.Breed monsters/actors. 2.Includes egg system. 3.Set...
  8. Jeremy Cannady

    Writing JSON Files

    Ok so in order to save generated items and actors onto the game I use the following:   var data = JSON.stringify($dataItems); var fs = require('fs'); var dirPath = function(){ var path = window.location.pathname.replace(/(\/www|)\/[^\/]*$/, '/data/'); if (path.match(/^\/([A-Z]\:)/)) {...
  9. Jeremy Cannady

    Monster Storage Box

    Monster Storage Box MonsterStorageBox v1.0 by Jeremy Cannady Introduction This script creates a monster/actor storage box system. Do to my ongoing monster breeding script I felt this script also needed to be created. Features 1.Add monsters/actors to the storage. 2.See a few details...
  10. Jeremy Cannady

    Temporarily Overwrite a Function

    In Scene_Map we have a function isBusy currently this doesn't check if the $gameMessage.isBusy(); I want the game to not change scenes if a message is being displayed. In my script where I display a message I then overwrite the Scene_Map.isBusy() to return $gameMessage.isBusy(); After that I...
  11. Jeremy Cannady

    Adding JSON data temporarily.

    So I have a JSON file for actors.  I can currently generate new actors in the game and write them to the JSON file thus having a character generation in game. Problem is when you start a new game you have all of the database actors plus the new ones from the previous save file. I would like...
  12. Jeremy Cannady

    Monster/Actor Breeding

    Monster/Actor Breeding v0.2   Please test!   Plugin Command: newEgg 1 3 Where 1 is the actor id for the father and 3 is the actor id for the mother.   Hello yall.    I am in the process of creating a breeding program for mv. If anyone is interested please let me...
  13. Jeremy Cannady

    New! Detailed Shop

    Upgraded Shop Scene DetailedShop v1.0 by Jeremy Cannady Introduction This script completely overrides the default scene shop to add more features and graphics. Features 1. Adds shopkeeper graphics to the shop. 2. Adds background images to the shop. 3. Expands the parameter changes to...
  14. Jeremy Cannady

    Detailed Scene Shop

    Detailed Scene Shop (updated on 11/17/15 to have background images)   Description: New scene shop, works with the built in shop processing. No script commands no plugin commands only customization options in the plugin window. This new scene shop will upgrade the existing shop to add more...
  15. Jeremy Cannady

    Enemy Hp Guage

    EnemyBars.js V1.1 Jeremy Cannady I know that Yanfly is making a script like this but this has been over in the plugins in development board for weeks and thought I would put it on this forum for feedback. Introduction Adds an hp bar to enemies during battle. Features Decide which colors you...
  16. Jeremy Cannady

    Mini Map Display

    MiniMapDisplay v1.0 Jeremy Cannady Introduction This script will place a mini map in your top right corner of the screen, tracks players movement.   Features Ability to tag certain places and a sprite will show on mini map in that spot. For example, tag a tile as a city and a city icon will...
  17. Jeremy Cannady

    Damage Predictor

    DamagePredictor.js V1.0 Jeremy Cannady Introduction Predicts the damage you are likely to do in combat and displays it in the skill description. Features Predicts the average damage you are likely to do with a chosen skill. However do to multiple enemies on the battle field and of different...
  18. Jeremy Cannady

    Boss HP Gauge

    BossBar.js V2.0 Jeremy Cannady Introduction Add a boss hp gauge to the battle screen. Features Can move the x and y position of the bars. Can add custom bars for specific bosses. Can change the transparency of the gauge when you are selecting skills to use to hide it. Screenshots   How to...
  19. Jeremy Cannady

    Boss HP Bar

    BossBar v1.0 Jeremy Cannady Introduction This script will put a boss hp bar across the bottom of the screen. Must specify in the note tag that this enemy is a boss or it will not activate. Please message me if there is any problems and I can assist. If you want additional feature just let me...
  20. Jeremy Cannady

    Zelda Style Map Transitions

    Requested here: http://forums.rpgmak...ap-transitions/ MapScroll v2.0 Jeremy Cannady Introduction This script will scroll the map when you get to the edge instead of the normal auto center. Need people who want to use this to test this and tell me the bugs as I  can't test all scenarios...

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