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  1. Karbonic

    Terrain Tag Problem

    I'm currently running into an issue with terrain tags. Right now, I'm working on a timed challenge in my game, DashBored. I'm using GaryCXJk's Free Movement script to have pixel movement. Every second, a series of Electrical panels will turn on, and the game runs a check to see if the player...
  2. Karbonic

    NashBored is now on Steam! Only $0.99!

    Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen! Higher Beings! Today we will be exploring the mind of a young roboticist named Nash! Let's hope we find something entertaining! NashBored is an RPG taking place in a world of strange, twisted thoughts and demented nightmares. Follow Nash as she is sent...
  3. Karbonic

    Button Mash Attack

    Hi, I am making a physical fighter type character, and wanted to give them an attack which involves mashing a button to cause consecutive hit. Essentially the attack is given a timer, and each time the player hits a button, it will register as another hit, and replay the animation, until the...
  4. Karbonic

    "Blessing" System

    I'm working to add a "Blessing" System to my game. Essentially, when a player prays at a shrine, they are given the blessing of that shrine until they pray at another shrine, at which point they receive that shrine's blessing. This would act as a permanent Buff to one of their stats, for...
  5. Karbonic

    Button Mash Attack

    Hi, I'm looking for a button mash based attack. I am aware of SRDude's timed mash attack, but it isn't what i'm looking for. Is there a way to make an attack where each time the player hits a button in a certain amount of time, it will count as another attack? Something like you'd see in one of...
  6. Karbonic

    Default Font Color?

    I'm working on a game that has a very simplistic two color palette. As such, the default white text sticks out like a sore thumb. I was wondering, is it possible to change the text color for the entire game? This includes menus and the like. I know that you can change the color in individual...
  7. Karbonic

    Title Screen "Controls"

    I've been using Moghunter's titlescreen scripts to make my custom title screen, which has all of the options laid out horizontally from each other. Since Moghunter's Script is just a visual one, this doesn't effect how the title screen is controlled. My question is, how can I change the...
  8. Karbonic

    Picture Keep Coordinates

    I have a bit of a problem with pictures. I have one of the pictures moving on a parallel process, so the picture will move continuously while the cut scene is happening. However, at one point of the cutscene, I want the picture to change from Image1.png to Image2.png Is there a way to have...
  9. Karbonic

    Game Juice in VX ACE?

    Hello, I was wondering if there is any scripts for VX Ace which help to increse game juice. For those wondering what game juice is, here's a good article on it: I was hoping there would be some script which...
  10. Karbonic

    MadeWithMV Music?

    I was wondering if it were possible to have some form of BGM play during the "MadeWithMV" intro. I want to have the BGM start as soon as the game is started up. I want to have a sort of cinematic start to the start up of the game, but the dead silence kind of kills it for me.
  11. Karbonic

    'Disable' Skill

    Heyo! I was wondering if it was possible to make a skill similar to 'Disable' from Pokemon. This means that the skill will keep the enemy from using a certain skill that they have. If used on the player, the skill disabled will not be able to be selected.
  12. Karbonic

    Picture Problem

    I've been having a problem recently. I have certain events that show pictures on screen normally. They completely work when I test the game and show the image when it's supposed to appear. However, when the game is exported, these pictures do not appear at all! I'm wondering how this...
  13. Karbonic

    Boss with Multiple Active Forms

    Hello Hello! I was wondering if it were possible to give a boss the ability to have about three forms, which it switches between every three or so turns. The thing is, I'd like the boss to share one pool of health, so you can continue damaging it in each form. Is something like that...
  14. Karbonic

    Parallax Fading into eachother

    Is it possible to have one parallax fade into another when changing backgrounds without the simple 'cut' between them that occurs when you use the 'change parallax back' event? I want a smooth fade effect.
  15. Karbonic

    Mode 7 with terrain tags?

    Hello, I'm looking for a Mode 7 script for VX Ace which allows for the use of terrain tags to make buildings pop up. Rpg Maker XP had a script like this, seen here:  As you can see, the buildings pop up as well as the decorations and the events. I've been looking for a...
  16. Karbonic

    Weird Event Page Glitch

    So I loaded up my project, and I noticed something. All of the old events from before I saved now look like in the picture. Even the events with no event related things, they show the very first switch/variable in the list. When I make a new event, this doesn't happen, but when I select...
  17. Karbonic

    How to make town reject vehicle?

    Okay, So I was wondering if it is at all possible to make a transfer event reject the player if they are in a vehicle. I need this because I have had my car enter some towns with some strange consequences. Is there a way to force the player to exit the vehicle before they can enter a town?
  18. Karbonic

    DashBored DASHBORED After losing his hope for life, Nicolas wakes up in another world.  This desolate land is The Garden of Vurrus, a supposed Utopia for those who have lost their way.  Upon entering the Garden, Nicolas receives a phone call...
  19. Karbonic

    MGC TileMap Ace Problem

    I'm using MGC tilemap Ace and its add on Map Zoom Ace, and I've run into two major problems that may be connected to each other. Pictures of my first problem are here: First, when MGC tilemap is on its own, I encounter a problem when changing maps. For instance, as...
  20. Karbonic

    How can I change the default map zoom in Ace?

    Hello. I'm looking for a way to change the default camera setting in VX Ace. I would like to zoom the camera in a bit more, so you can see a bit more detail on the sprites. I'm convinced that the solution to this problem lies in the 'Game_Map' script, specifically in these lines: However...

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