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  1. Wehtam

    Improved Demon and Face Icons

    Hi everyone, I made a Christmas game that wasn't finished in time for the holidays but now I have time to refine it and release for next year's Christmas.  While doing so I edited a bunch of face, icons, and more.  The main one which I wanted to share is improving the large idle Demon.  In the...
  2. Wehtam

    Yanfly Prefix Suffix items

    Hi everyone I have been learning and doing a lot to my game niw that I understand plug in much better. Still having trouble with understanding adding prefix and suffix settings onto items. I'm using Yanfly's item core and he talks about it but doesn't go into greater detail. Hope someone can...
  3. Wehtam

    MP and TP bars

    Hi all, I'm not 100% sure if this is the right spot for this question... I want to change "TP" into "Rage" (that is the easy part) and make it so that the "Rage" bar only shows up for my "Warrior" Class and the "MP" bar only shows up for the magic base classes.  I've had trouble making this...
  4. Wehtam

    The Butcher

    Hi again everyone!  So I'm efforts to make a semi Diablo feel game have been going very well so far but you can't have a Diablo type game without The Butcher!  I edited the heck out of the SF Enemy graphic for the MV provided butcher (I hope these edits are enough that I can be posting it but...
  5. Wehtam

    More Icon Sets 1/23/16 Update

    Update: I fixed the upload so the icon set is now the correct dimensions (or at least should be now!) This is majorly inspired by The Infamous Bon Bon.  I didn't like the icons provided by MV and wanted more variety, then I failed hard to re-size the Ace icons.  Then along came Bon Bon who...
  6. Wehtam

    Skeleton Mage-ish

    Hi all, starting get rolling on editing and making some sheets for my own use so I thought I would share them!  I re-colored and combined/edited the skeleton sheet with the mage sheet and made the "Skeleton Mage-ish" sheet.  "Mage-ish" because I don't think it necessarily has to be a mage.  Hope...
  7. Wehtam

    RPG Ace to MV Sprite Sheet

    Hi all, this is my first post, I used to be really into Sprite editing on Newgrounds back in the day.  I was working on a game and got pretty far into it on Ace but I want to move everything over o MV.  Most things I have replaced out with MV version sprites.  Here is one Ace sprite sheet I...

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