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  1. HeyItsKidd

    "Make Your Own Game" Series?

    When I first bought VXAce a few years back, there was a series of online tutorials called "Make Your Own Game", which gave a pretty decent overview of the engine's systems by walking the reader through the creation of a 30mins-ish game. My question is, is there anything like that for MV?
  2. HeyItsKidd

    DS/DS+ Graphics Tweaked For MV?

    On the store, I see a lot of stuff like FES, DS, DS+ resource packs, etc. My question is, while it says they're optimizied for MV, what exactly does that mean? Do the character faces/sprites match the MV size/style? Do the sprites have sideview versions? Do the tiles match the RTP style for MV...

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