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  1. -Solace-

    YEP's Skill Learn System With MOG's Skill Scene?

    I'm having trouble moving the skill data to MOG's skill menu plugin. I hope someone with better javascript skills can at least give me a tip to pull that off. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. -Solace-

    MOG's Monogatari Compatibility.

    I've been using a lot of MOG's plugins and they have served me insanely well in customizing the GUIs and HUDs as an alternative for Luna's Engine. That thing cost me $60 and I can't get it to work properly without errors. Anyway, are MOG's Monogatari plugins compatible with Yanfly's? I'm mainly...
  3. -Solace-

    Luna Engine MV Documentation Clarification

    "If you are using Yanfly's Battle Engine core, you must use a pre-existing template (eg. Sideview Template) SceneBattle.yml." I can't make sense of this. What do they mean by using a "pre-existing template"? What is a "pre-existing template"? Does that mean that I have to revert my edits on...
  4. -Solace-

    Having Decimal Number Problems

    I have made the following formula for gold drops from enemies with Yanfly's Enemy Base Parameters plugin: gold = 100 * Math.pow(1.2, level - 1) - (level * 2); The problem is that the resulting number is usually a float number with decimals thanks to the exponent. The first thing I tried was to...
  5. -Solace-

    Yanfly's Hit Accuracy Plugin Issue.

    So, I was making the following formula: where "userHitRate" is influenced by a base parameter accuracy stat that increases with level and "targetEvadeRate" which scales off another. I tested it out by having both the accuracy and evasion stats equal. The result was as expected from the...

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