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  1. shenry

    RMMV !!! Small Request: Adding X-Params and S-Params to the In-Battle Status Window

    Hey y'all, college-student new user here. Hope you're doing well. I love the Yanfly in-battle status window. However, it only shows each actor's parameters. Can somebody add X-Params and S-Params to the in-battle status window? As you can see, there's definitely room for more parameters...
  2. shenry

    Removing LUCK, MAT, and MDF from the Yanfly StatusCore and EquipCore

    Hey yalls! First time poster here. I'm working on a game that just uses ATK, DEF, and AGI, and i'm trying to remove those from the yanfly status screen and the yanfly equip screen. I've already researched and found numerous ways to remove those stats from the default status and equip screen...

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