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  1. Levolpehh

    Opacity State

    Trying to make a stealth state that changes the users opacity.. can't seem to figure out how to do it. Been trying to use the <Custom Apply Effect> and <Custom Leave Effect> tags from Buffs & States core and have tried all kinds of combinations of this/user/battler/gameActor.actors(...) etc.. &...
  2. Levolpehh


    Volpi_UseSounds Author: Volpi || Levolpehh Introduction Short and simple plugin that adds functionality to change the sound effect played when using an Item or Skill. Want to eat an Apple and hear a crunch SE, but drink a Potion and hear a glug? Gotcha covered. Currently only applies when...
  3. Levolpehh

    How to move bitmap over frames?

    Hello for a script I'm working on, I'm trying to move an element to the middle of the screen. I've managed to do that, however now I'd like to move over a duration instead of just instantly zooming to the destination. I'm still learning code so not entirely sure how to solve this problem. My...
  4. Levolpehh

    How to Remove Sprites/Bitmaps?

  5. Levolpehh

    Script Help

    Hello need some help with an issue.. how can i return the value of my ._commandWindow('name') ? been trying various stuff for over 2 hours @_@ this.addCommand makes a list = to the amount of members in party, then stores each party members name as a symbol under 'name'. im trying to return the...
  6. Levolpehh

    Help with making interactable sprites

    Hello. I'm currently working on a scene within the menu where the goal is show multiple pictures/sprites. I've managed to figure out the whole scene building and making the sprites part, but actually making them intractable is proving difficult and I have no idea what to do. I was recommended...
  7. Levolpehh

    Skill Tree (Board Style)

    This is a bit of a bigger request so I completely understand if nobody wants to go through with it. For RMMV* I'd like to create a Skill Tree type plugin where you enter the Learn Skills or a completely different Scene accessible through the menu. The presentation would be similar to DQ11 or...
  8. Levolpehh

    Volpi's Variety Sprite Edits

    To start off I have a few edits I'd like to post to add some variety to your world. Tired of seeing the same 8 NPC's everywhere? Aren't we all! I've taken the liberty to recolor a few of @Tonbi 's beautifully edited RTP tall sprites using in game palettes used by other NPC's. Many of the NPC's I...
  9. Levolpehh

    Collision Map

    Hello, I'm looking for some kind of Plugin for MV that allows you create Collision Maps like Hime's and QCollision. and I'm unsatisfied with moving on a 48 grid and want more control (but also don't...
  10. Levolpehh

    Damage Variance?

    Hello I was wondering if there was a way to change the default variance of damage dealt. I feel like it's currently too sporadic and the damage is all over the place. I'd like to change it to a smaller more modest amount. Looked on google and saw a few threads of others saying they've done it...
  11. Levolpehh

    Enemy Attacks Very Slow after using specific Animation?

    Hello, I decided to try out the Quintessence animations but after I plugged one into a skill I noticed the enemies would have an extra like 2 seconds of lag where they'd just freeze up after they use their normal attacks then the turn would continue at normal pace until they attack again. If I...

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