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  1. Chapter-based game Question

  2. Chapter-based game Question

    thing is, I want it to automatically restart, as if to create a 'Groundhog Day loop'. Game over is non-existent, time just repeats itself
  3. Chapter-based game Question

    I know it sounds weird as a normal game, but mine is actually text-based and choice-based (you get to save every time you're about to make a choice) you don't really move your character around, it's more like a visual novel where you make choices and stuff to make the plot advance.
  4. Chapter-based game Question

    So, I'm making a game that's divided into 7 chapters. There are some decisions to make here and there in every chapter and depending on what you choose, you either advance to the next chapter or you go back to the previous chapter and start all over again. I know how to branch out the game with...
  5. Flying character

    Is there any way of creating a party member that flies on the map instead of walking? Is there an already existing sheet I can base it on? I have no problem in editing sprites, I just want to know if it's at all possible because I'm still a noob.
  6. Attack power of a move increases when hit

    figured I had to go custom, I'm not too skilled in that area yet :(
  7. Attack power of a move increases when hit

    Is there a way for a skill's power to increase after being hit by an enemy? I'm thinking of the Rage move from Pokemon: the user can't perform any other move but Rage once selected but every time the user gets hit, the move increases in power. I can't seem to find a formula that works.
  8. SV Animated Enemies

    I managed to solve it: I was using a dated version of the animated yanfly plugins. Thank you all!
  9. Grass-Type Animations

    hey guys, so, does anyone know if animations such as leaves, roots or vines exist to use in battle? If so, where to find them? Been searching everywhere and I couldn't find.
  10. SV Animated Enemies

    Hey guys, so, I'm running into an issue I can't seem to resolve. I installed Yanfly's Battle Core plugins, the action sequence packs and the one that lets you animate your enemies by choosing your SV actors. Managed to install it, and everything's fine. Thing is, whenever I go into battle test...
  11. Question about camera

    yeah, I meant the driver's wheel spinning motion!
  12. Question about camera

    Is there any way to spin the camera around in a battle or turn it upside down? I wanted an attack to have in the animation the camera turning upside down, and also doing the 'batman' style where the camera spins around. Is there any way to achieve this?
  13. Skill Immunity

    it's not a problem at all because it's just one character and one enemy, it doesn't get too convoluted, so I think the element trick would suffice. Thanks!
  14. Skill Immunity

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get a 'flying' character to be immune to a specific skill that is related to the ground. How can I make him immune to it?
  15. Help with enemy transformation

    I got it working somehow, I unchecked it and tried again and it worked. No idea what was not letting me do it. It obviously was a detail thing. Thanks a bunch for the help!!!
  16. Help with enemy transformation

    Did those settings work for you? Mine won't change to its minimized state at all, for some reason. I find this odd. Luckily I just need this one enemy to shrink since it's the only enemy to have this power. Still, can't make it happen. Maybe it has to do with the minimize State settings...
  17. Help with enemy transformation

    Hey guys, I'm only 40 hours into RPG Maker, so I'm an absolute noob at this. I've made much progress by logical conclusions and a few video tutorials, yet there is something I can't seem to make happen. So there is this specific skill I made that's similar to the minimize move from Pokemon -- it...

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