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  1. Why can my character move on tiles that have passage set to none???

    I really dont understand why its happening. I have it all nicely set to X and character can still walk all over water and some walls. If someone wants to take a look heres my file. It happens for example here or here
  2. Did anyone ever saw or did any artbooks along with the game?

    Im doing an artbook for my game as a thing for school and i need artbook inspo. the only artbooks i ever see are from AAA games. i need some pixel rpg ones...
  3. super super super simple little menu (save, load quit)

    so hi. ive been working on my game for a quite a long time now and im really happy with what i have so far but... the ui is very neglected. you can have a look at a little bit of an older version here the game is something im working on for school. (its...
  4. Using a face picture in dialogue

    I know this is a really basic question but when i googled it i got the answer 'use show picture' but show picture shows things under the text post...... i would love to be able to not have to use scripts as i have quite a lot of them already :/ and the script i saw give sooooooo many features im...
  5. how to change textbox position in xp??

    honest to god ive been looking for a tutorial and i just didnt find anything for xp. i used a script to change the resolution of the game (and i really need that script it really makes the game look 10x better) and now things arent aligned can enyone at least point me in the direction where i...
  6. Parallax mapping on xp??

    Ive looked soooo long for a tutorial or something on this but i can only find tutorials for 2003, and the new versions :( I really need to be able to get the effect of paralla maping for my game though. I've tried designing my own tiles but the charm is just not there. Does anyne have ANY tips...

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