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  1. JabberWonky

    What's up, Homies?

    I have been creating with RPG Maker since about 2004, and since I am still not very good (haven't had time to really get into things...) I decided it was time to learn how to really use this stuff! I own RPGVX. I was using RPGMaker 2003 until an official version became available here in the...
  2. JabberWonky

    Gradually Linking Landscapes

    Thanks for the tips!
  3. JabberWonky

    [-Beginner/General-] Beginner's Guide to RPG Maker VX

    It says I can't download it unless I pay for a Scrib account. Can I get it somewhere else?
  4. JabberWonky

    [IWS] Common Event Tiles

  5. JabberWonky

    Change Character Opacity in Frames 2.1.1

    Sounds interesting. Can't wait to see the video!
  6. JabberWonky

    Pictures Can Scroll Too

    I can think of several uses for this. Thanks!
  7. JabberWonky

    Near Fantastica's Path Finder v1 for RPG Maker VX

    Just what I need! Thanks!

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