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  1. Avy's MV Stuff

    This is fantastic o.O
  2. Avy's MV Stuff

    Thank you so much for everything! Merry Christmas Avery(and everyone)! :))
  3. Avy's MV Stuff

    Wow i thought you were gonna make 1 art/day. You are so awesome!!!! I really like the stuffed animals can't wait to see what the next ones are!
  4. 2017 IGMC Goals and Progress Thread

    Congratulations everyone on your games! Unfortunatelly I didn`t even get close to finishing my project, but im really looking forward to trying out a lot of entries. Good luck in the competition and hopefully see ya all next year too! ;)
  5. Terrax Lighting system

    When I try to create moving events(player action key>>event moves) with lighting on them the lighting doesn't follow them from the beggining. It snaps to them later on and then follows them smoothly. Does this happen to anyone else? ( My computer should not be the problem. It's a brand new...
  6. Tutorial 1 - Lost Woods Type Puzzle

    I actually did not see that it`s just a chain of screenshots. I thought you hid the cursor or something and didn`t really think about it anymore. Then its ok i guess. Yes this was meant to be constructive criticism. But as i see now i just hurt your feelings. Im hungarian, 17, havent really...
  7. Tutorial 1 - Lost Woods Type Puzzle

    You can do this with just copies of the 4 direction map and transfer player events. No need to be this complicated. Feedback on your video: try to be less boring, just skip the parts where you would want to tell that you are making a new project and you are naming it blahblahblah and where you...
  8. Magic reflection not working

    2 random questions in the RPG Maker MV resources thread and one of them gets answered by a moderator? I'm so confused!
  9. Looking for some already existing tiles

    Thx for the fast and helpful reply! Oh :/ Crazy Crab`s threat was actually suspicious for me so i think it was what i was looking for if you say so too.. I hope he is still active and will update it :) Anyways at least i can have that wonderful bookshelf :))
  10. Looking for some already existing tiles

    I know there was one post with all kinds of gore and torture chamber stuff. Also looking for the post where you can find a rock bookshelf. I ve been looking for these for more than an hour but just cant find them. :/ Thx for your help in advance :) edit: these resources are for MV.

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