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  1. pawsplay

    Critical Hit formula

    I've been Googling to no avail, but I thought one of you script wizzes might already know this. When you score a critical hit in MV, using the default engine, what actually happens? What's the formula for how damage is affected? Thank you.
  2. pawsplay

    MV Generator Parts: Kids with Beards and Big Noses

    Resource Type: generator parts Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV generator Description: Okay, so the real deal is I want to make some dwarf sprites and portraits. The portraits are not a problem as I can use the Male tab on the generator. I had the thought of using the Kid tab to make some...
  3. pawsplay

    Formula for TP gain

    How many TP do characters get for attacking and being attacked?
  4. pawsplay

    Hanuman battler

    I'd like to see an image based on Hanuman, the Hindu god, who is a vanara (ape humanoid) with many amazing blessings. Particularly, I'd like to see  battler based on his demon-slaying form, with five faces:
  5. pawsplay

    Tips on lightening hair?

    I'm trying to recolor the green-haired boy from Actor1 to be a blond. I'd like him to be a close match for the light blond hair color from the generator. However, when I try to use the dropper, I end up with a blazing yellow-orange. I can't find a filter or color setting on GIMP that seems to...
  6. pawsplay

    Working Around Auto-Change BGM

    I like the idea of auto-changing BGM, but I notice that when I create a cut-scene that changes location, it interrupts the BGM I am playing for the scene. Are there any simple workarounds? The best I can think of right now is to use a switch every time I transfer the player's location, and set...
  7. pawsplay

    Pepper-box pistol icon

    So, I'd like to create a weapon that is a five-barreled musket pistol: Can anyone make a nice-looking little itty bitty icon for me, please? 
  8. pawsplay

    Secret of the Summoner (Early dev)

    I thought I would go ahead and start posting for early project feedback. Most of the look is currently RTP stuff, with a couple of generator faces and some minor color edits. The maps are still very simplistic while I work on chaining the chapters. I've attached a battler for a Subterranean...
  9. pawsplay

    pawsplay's amateur hour

    Ok, I'm not an artist. This is the result of me fiddling around with stuff and shamelessly exploiting GIMP's functionality. If, for whatever reason, you feel like using or maybe even improving on something, feel completely free, just credit me as pawsplay.  EDIT: This started as a lark, but...
  10. pawsplay

    I just don't understand animation UI at all

    Okay, I can build an animation. If I start from scratch, I can usually sequence the events, guesstimate how long to make everything, and create a simple new animation. Where I get into trouble is altering existing ones or trying to combine stuff. For instance, I wanted to create a Four Elements...
  11. pawsplay

    Multiple hits

    Is there some way of giving a character a 25% chance of an extra hit? Or two? ATK+ lets me add additional attacks, and it's possible to add the possibility of an extra action, but I can't work out how to add the possibility of an extra hit. 
  12. pawsplay

    Trying to buy resource packs from Steam

    I own VX/Ace, and I have a Steam account, but it won't let me buy the resource packs because I don't own RPGmaker VX/ave on Steam. What do I do?

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