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  1. amaranth

    *sends a mug of hot tea and a hug*

    *sends a mug of hot tea and a hug*
  2. amaranth

    Amaranth Tiles

    Go ahead and use these, Sharm. Add Aveyond Studios to your credits and all is good. 
  3. amaranth

    RMXP Ink Travellers - Present Hunt

    I love your use of the Aveyond 2 tilesets! Let them live forever. :-)
  4. amaranth

    Aveyond 4 (villians rule!)

    Try a demo of Aveyond 4 on Steam or Aveyond Games. It should give you a feel for whether the games are for you. I personally like Aveyond 4 the best, followed by Aveyond 1. Each game has a different story, so no need to play them in any order (unless you play the Aveyond 3 games).
  5. amaranth

    Aveyond 4 (villians rule!)

    Shaz, I wanted to wait until Degica launched the game before posting ... plus, I was a little scared of what people would think of it.  :P Scythuz, you are an AWESOME musician! Your music gets stuck in my head sometimes. I'm glad you found a few good laughs in the game.  :) Silenity, this...
  6. amaranth

    Aveyond 4 (villians rule!)

    Get it on STEAM | Get it on Big Fish Games | Get it on Aveyond Games The Story: Boyle Wolfbane wanted to rule the world. He failed. Miserably. Forced into retirement early, Boyle now spends his days arguing with haunted trees and scaring off the occasional knight. At least he still has...
  7. amaranth

    Celianna's MV tiles

    These are so beautiful!
  8. amaranth

    Maru's MV Bits

    So beautiful!
  9. amaranth

    Aveyond 4 [Development]

    After a gazillion years we are almost doooooone with this game!  Guesstimate Release Date: December 2015 Website: News: YouTube Trailers: Boyle Wolfsbane wanted to rule the world. He failed...
  10. amaranth

    Maru's Resource-Collection

    Your tiger is so cute!
  11. amaranth

    Maru's Resource-Collection

    Love, love, LOVE your style!!!
  12. amaranth

    Nanokan VX/Ace Stuff

    Beautiful work!!!
  13. amaranth

    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    A trick that helps is to resize your map editor window so that it is the size of the screen for your game (like 640x480). Then start creating. Try to get as much detail into that one small area first. When you're done, slowly build out the rest of your map, using that first part of that map as a...
  14. amaranth

    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    First screenshot from Aveyond 4. Most of the tileset art was created by PandaMaru and Celianna.
  15. amaranth

    Luna's Tiles

  16. amaranth

    Ying's Things

    I want to eat those cookies!
  17. amaranth

    Pros and Cons of DRM-Free

    I use DRM, but not to defeat piracy (good luck w/any solution... if hackers like your game, it will be cracked w/in a week). DRM is great if you don't want to maintain a demo version and full version. I use it so that I don't have to guess how long I should make a demo, nor have to fix bugs in...
  18. amaranth

    Super Simple Demo Script (ACE)

    Super Simple Demo Script (ACE) Amaranth Introduction This script makes a web page open when you start and stop playing a game. This script is for people who have decided to sell their game and are splitting their game into a demo and full version. If you are one of these people, you should put...
  19. amaranth

    Is it possible to get into game design without a computer science degree?

    Out of curiosity, how did the semester go? Here are my thoughts: Full Sail & places like that are out for one thing: Your money. Be very wary. These places remind me of those modeling academies that try to sign up every girl on the street as long as the girl pays and only is able to place .01%...
  20. amaranth

    Is RPG Maker Cheating?

    Is it cheating if you take a plane from New York to London instead of a boat? Rapid development is not cheating, it is smart! :) But... if you're making a game to become a better programmer, making a game from scratch makes sense. This will teach you how the game works inside and out. If your...

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