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  1. Zyoshiro

    Switching to a different party.

    In my game, sometimes the player will switch from one party to another to a different set of characters. Is it possible to make both parties not sharing the same items/equipment/inventory?
  2. Zyoshiro

    Large Monster Sprites Request

    Can anyone make a character sprites of these 2 monster battlers? They just have to be the same size as the $BigMonster2 sprite and they only have to be facing down. Anyway, thanks in advance. Edit:I want the first monster in 2 colours, red and purple.
  3. Zyoshiro

    Making an actor as an enemy battler

    I'm using Yami Battle Symphony side-view battle script. But no matter what script I'm using, I want to know whether its possible to set an actor as an enemy battler. It is like fighting a former party member or something.... So, is it possible?
  4. Zyoshiro

    Skills in game development

    Some people are scripters, spriters, pixel artist or faceset artists. I have been told that we should learn at least one of these game development skills if we are serious in using RPG Maker. As for me, I have yet to learn anything...I haven't really tried any of this yet but I thought of trying...
  5. Zyoshiro

    Knights of Zandaria : Seven Heroes

    Story:   The Kingdom of Zandaria have long enjoyed its hard earned peace. However,during the rule of the 7th King of Zandaria, King Hegen,Zandaria suffered attacks from countless groups of barbarians,who refused to obey the King. These barbarians pillage whatever valuables they can find and...

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