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  1. Oatilis

    RMMV Trying to find the duration of a sound effect. How can I access WebAudio attributes?

    Hey guys, I want to get the duration (play length) of a sound effect which is being played. I've looked into: AudioManager.playSe AudioManager.createBuffer AudioManager.updateBufferParameters I tried printing to console fields from WebAudio class, like totalTime, loopLength etc, but it seems...
  2. Oatilis

    Can't assign Escape key in Yanfly's ButtonCommonEvents?

    I might be missing something but I can't find the Escape key in the plugin, and I really want to replace the current functionality with a common event. I found this thread, they discuss using a parallel process to open a common event when the player presses Escape, but this solution is not that...
  3. Oatilis

    Having some trouble loading a save file with script call...

    I'm trying to manually initiate loading a save without going through 'Scene_Load'. I have this script in my event: DataManager.loadGame(1) SoundManager.playLoad(); SceneManager.goto(Scene_Map); if ($gameSystem.versionId() !== $dataSystem.versionId) {...
  4. Oatilis

    Deployed game doesn't run for users with Unicode paths (non-English folders)

    This came up during beta testing. A player was testing the game, which didn't load. A blank (white) window started up, but nothing loaded whatsoever, no main menu, nothing. Turns up the game simply didn't run because the folder path had Unicode folder names in it (in Hebrew). When the player...
  5. Oatilis

    [Solved] Is there a simple way to unbind (disable) the "X" and "Z" keys?

    I don't want to use Z/X for input. After some searching, I couldn't find an easy way to do this. I'm using Yanfly's ButtonCommonEvents plugin, so one of the things I tried was to bind Z and X to an empty common event - but pressing these keys seem to be unchanged in the game (I made sure to...
  6. Oatilis

    [Solved] Replacing "Options" with "Quit" in Scene_Title

    So, in the scenes JS file this code creates the main title menu: Scene_Title.prototype.createCommandWindow = function() { this._commandWindow = new Window_TitleCommand(); this._commandWindow.setHandler('newGame', this.commandNewGame.bind(this))...
  7. Oatilis

    [Solved] Firing a common event every time a message window is shown

    Hey, I want to have a common event fire each time the player sees a message, or any new window for that matter. I know the "reserveCommonEvent" method, just not really sure where to use it: $gameTemp.reserveCommonEvent Tried the scene manager code, but couldn't get a consistent result. Please...
  8. Oatilis

    Setting All Events On Map To Player's Direction

    I have lots of characters on my map, and I want them to look at the player when the player moves. There's a "turn toward player" option in Set Movement Route, this is what I want every event on the map to do. Ideally I would want to have a parallel process event doing the following: 1. Get all...
  9. Oatilis

    Widescreen on mobile

    Hey guys! I've been working on a pretty serious project in the last couple of years. Started out with VX Ace and I'm about 85% done. It has full voice overs, tons of custom graphics, music, the works. It's a short funny adventure that's more story-based (no combat, only puzzles). I want to make...

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