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  1. Jalen's Junkyard

    it's just what i am looking for... Thanks free to use?
  2. [VXA]Request Collection\Packs of Faces,Busts, Chars

    thanks gonna check that..
  3. [VXA]Request Collection\Packs of Faces,Busts, Chars

    Hello, i would like to request collection (packs) of faces, busts, characters for VXA ... people may think why do you need collection\packs.. well, i need a lot of characters for my new game. Thanks
  4. [Mapping] Map filled with water

    this really look great, gonna save the page and use it... thanks 
  5. [Mapping] Map filled with water

    sorry i think i used the wrong command, i just notice when i was going to try testing... what i used before was tint picture, so i was wrong, i should use tint screen,,,, anyway, Thanks now it's working =)
  6. [Mapping] Map filled with water

    i tried that, but it didnt work... also it is in VX tutorial, i need VXA thanks edit: i dont need resource(but gonna check it out), i wanna change the map to look like if the character underwater effect like this
  7. [Mapping] Map filled with water

    Hello, i am making a dungeon in the water, so i want the map to looks like if it's filled with water.... people may suggest parallax mapping, but i dont know how to do it..... can someone show me how to do it ? and make the map filled with water... and how to make it more realistic  Thanks,
  8. how can i keep my game safe?

    Thanks for everyone =) after reading your posts, i started to make a website and still editing the website, than i will start mapping in-game, after i make all maps ready i will start with adding the story, also i am waiting for someone to draw the characters for me... well,  thanks again...
  9. how can i keep my game safe?

      actually,  i never shared my stories... i keep them secret, because people may copy it, that's why i planned for making them into RPG Game. over 100 hours also can take too long to be completed, because i will work in the game by myself.... but still confused between divide them into parts ...
  10. how can i keep my game safe?

    Hello, happy new years ... well, i am planing to make my first original game.. i will be using the normal maps from the RPG maker vx ace + normal character ( because i am not good at designing ) but i will modify the maps... to make them look more better.. anyway the most important part i...
  11. Accepting requests for anime style face busts and manga style cut scenes

    well, i wanna request Naruto Anime bust,  currently i am still working in mapping and i need almost all naruto character bust ( i know there are a lot of character ) but if you would like to accept this request please msg me in forums... or just reply, i will be following this topic Thanks
  12. [VXA]Need help with editing Ougi Animation ( solved - please remove it)

    This has been solved > here < i don't know if we can share the link of the other website or not,  but please remove the topic because it has been solved ...
  13. Advanced Battle Hud Small problem...

    Thanks, it's working! now i don't need to make clone character to change the animated face 
  14. Advanced Battle Hud Small problem...

    Hello,     i need small help to edit MOG Script Advanced Battle Hud, first of all, i managed to change the way of finding the animated face by doing this   def battler_sprite_setup       @battler_face = [0,0,0] #~       @battler_face_name = @name + "_Face"       @battler_face_name =...
  15. [VXA]Patch System

    yep, the new events don't show up and the new text also doesn't show up
  16. [VXA]Patch System

    new npcs, events, variables, maps.... everything new in-game ...weapons, skills..... removing npc's, change event's or texts
  17. [VXA]Patch System

    after creating the patch....  i moved it to the game folder to test it.... i put it in Patch folder .... run the game... Open my old save data....  the patch didn't work than i test again... i rerun the game and started new game..... Patch work.... which mean the patch will only work with...
  18. [VXA]Patch System

    Hello, everyone know Yami Patch system... as we tried many time to use it... the patch only work when we make new game... is there someone who can fix that problem in the script....? i mean we don't need re upload the whole folder just to add more 30M ~ 50M, we can only add the patch file...
  19. Fairy Tail sprites

    Edit: BRb
  20. Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden Project Recruitment

    Looking for people to work with me! updated links in the first post + more details about what i need.

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