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  1. [Problem] Yanfly's Instant Cast

    @Yanfly It appears skills using Yanfly's Instant Cast are unlimited use instead of just on the first action. I'm using a ton of Plugins, but the only one that I think may have an issue with it is Fallen Angel Olivia's OctoBattle Order-Turn-Based system. Let me know if anyone has the same issue...
  2. YEP Action Sequences: Premades/Requests Current Sequence: Driving Spike

    Hey there! Great thread. I was just trying to get the Kefka Boss Entry sequence to work, but it simply won't trigger using the Turn 0 Condition in the Battle Events Page. I've confirmed the skill works as intended otherwise.
  3. Weapon Damage

    Question - Can we use Base Parameters like a.atk in the formulas? Issue - I'm getting low numbers even when I set the formula to a high integer.
  4. Help with Display Text on Variable Condition

    Ah! Nevermind, I found a solution: I set an event that turns ON when the variable increases, and the message turns that Event OFF.
  5. Help with Display Text on Variable Condition

    I'm trying to get a message to show when a variable reaches certain values. I've tried creating a parallel event, but it just repeats itself constantly once the condition is met. I'd like a different message to display every time the variable increases by 1.
  6. [closed for now] Not your ideal mapping workshop

    Hey, I was wondering if I could commission a small, modern bedroom map? Let me know if you're open or not.
  7. Yanfly's Enhanced TP Level Mode

    Thanks so much! This is nearly what I was looking for. I too only need one Mode. Just for reference, my intended use for TP is a combo system, one that was easily implemented with SmRndmDude's TP Upgrade. So I was planning on making my maximum TP 7 at level 51, increasing by 1 every 10 levels...
  8. Yanfly's Enhanced TP Level Mode

    It does. There is a Max TP field in every Mode.
  9. Yanfly's Enhanced TP Level Mode

    I was originally using SumRndmDude's TP Upgrade for this effect, but since he's stepping down from plugin creation and has halted support for this plugin some time ago, I've been looking for an alternative. While Yanfly's Enhanced TP doesn't offer many of TP Upgrade's features, it does offer...
  10. Yanfly Equip Battle Skills, with weapon skills

    This thread can be deleted, as I've found several options for my issue.
  11. Yanfly Equip Battle Skills, with weapon skills

    I am aware that this plugin removes all other skills in battles as stated by Yanfly: I am curious if it would be possible to modify or configure this plugin to allow equipped weapon skills (or all skills if that is easier) to be usable as well as the "learned" skills. And if so, where should I...
  12. Other methods of stat progression?

    I'm new here, and just started with RPG Maker, but decided to work out the leveling system before anything else. I believe what we're all referring to is the sense of character progression. Or rather, trying to find a unique one that feels both rewarding and meaningful. To be fair, character...
  13. Show Parameters

    Could you possibly make this display Special Parameters as well? I've designed a stat system that would benefit from showing physical and magical damage rate on the General status menu.
  14. Thoughts on an Equipment-Based Skills System?

    Hey, I'm a nobody who knows little to nothing about RPG Maker (So please excuse me if what I suggest may be outlandish), but I was searching for information about this type of equipment system and found this wonderful thread and I thought I'd share an idea I've been pondering regarding this...

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