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  1. acidhedz

    How do you manage Magi as general?

    Sorry, but in my book not answering people's questions is rather rude. And I like to give thorough answers. I guess since I can't do anything right anywhere, I'll just leave and save you the trouble of banning me.
  2. acidhedz

    How do you manage Magi as general?

    1. The baddies use the same selection of spells, so it goes both ways. Plus there are attack spells that also have a chance to cause most of those effects. The combat in the game is set up to be pretty white knuckle, so making it too probable something will proc, would run the risk of it being...
  3. acidhedz

    Skunks List of Example Puzzles

    I'm assuming the point is to show examples of puzzles, then discuss their use in games. Not just how to set them up, but when, where and why. As well as other things you can do with them, other than the obvious. I'll give another example. Although it requires some set up to properly make sense...
  4. acidhedz

    Looking For Some Combat System Feedback (MV)

    I like that. Since some enemies will be infected with a demonic "virus", they could get more and more deadly, the more hurt they get. Certainly something to consider at any rate. Thanks!
  5. acidhedz

    Mazes in dungeons

    Depends. I like to use the in game generator sometimes to make quick mazes. If I don't have any other ideas for spicing up an area, like a transition level in a dungeon. I figure if the main point is to get through it, then a maze is as good a way as any to make that harder. Plus, depending on...
  6. acidhedz

    How to Baseline Mechanics/Stats?

    Hmmmm... I didn't just do one thing, so I'll try to properly explain it. The game has 6 characters with a different class each. Jack Hoth, The Hashassin, whose skills do damage based on Attack, Agility and Luck. With a focus on DoT effects. Titties McBewbs, The Toasty Meister, whose skills do...
  7. acidhedz

    Looking For Some Combat System Feedback (MV)

    I'm leaning towards that conclusion as well. The only way they are fast, is if they are too easy or too hard. This particular game's story is about a place where there are 4 cities. One above the other. God's Breath, Fair Breath, Ill Breath and The Undercity. With things like airships moving...
  8. acidhedz

    Skunks List of Example Puzzles

    In my last game I used a puzzle I found in a list for AD&D GMs. There are tons of ways to mess around with the concept. I like puzzles like this, because I always like to make the player wonder if they're playing the game, or if it's playing them.
  9. acidhedz

    "Time" and "Sound" element.

    Damaging time spells can cause aging. Or you can go with entropy and say they cause bodily breakdowns. If you're using any kind of gear damage system, time spells can be a good way for enemies to mess with the player's gear. Usually time is better as a crowd control or (de)buff element. Sound...
  10. acidhedz

    How to Baseline Mechanics/Stats?

    I like to start easy, then bounce the difficulty up every new area, till towards the end of the game you feel like you're sneaking though by the skin'o'your teeth. I like to make battles hard, then make sure it's always possible to win. I don't want to kill the player, just make them feel like...
  11. acidhedz

    Is there such thing as too many enemy types?

    Depends on the game. My last game has over 200 enemies, but most of them are either limited appearances or even one shots. Because it's a comedy/parody game. This will take a bit of explanation... One thing the game parodies is how the lands/areas of RPGs tend to have terrain themes. I did...
  12. acidhedz

    How often should boss battles appear?

    Just depends. In my last game I didn't stick to any particular method. The first two areas have a boss, and a mini-boss. The third has a boss, then a dungeon with a boss at the end of each or three levels. The fourth area has a boss and two of three mini-bosses. There are nine areas, and three...
  13. acidhedz

    Looking For Some Combat System Feedback (MV)

    First off, thanks for the replies everyone. Not sure I'd want to go as far as 50% chance of death, but then, that's the tricky bit. I prefer to try and make things hard but always survivable. I don't want them to avoid the monsters, I want them to have to fight. For their lives. I always...
  14. acidhedz

    How do you manage Magi as general?

    Jack Hoth: The Legendary Journey, and yes. But it's only 2.99$. You can see some Let's Play of it here if you'd like. Fair warning, it's NSFW. It's just the first area though, and you don't even find the mage till area 4. So you wont...
  15. acidhedz

    How do you manage Magi as general?

    Well, since they have no way to know what any of the enemies stats are except for HP, it doesn't really matter. I don't give the player any information they don't need to know. And in the case of enemy stats, there is no reason for them to need to. They can learn how to deal with enemies the...
  16. acidhedz

    Is avoiding elements a good thing?

    You could also try things like Yanfly's Plug-ins for Limited Skill Use:, and Equip Battle Skills: As for elements. My primary backgrounds are writing and music, so I...
  17. acidhedz

    How do you manage Magi as general?

    It's not just some health though, it's 2-4 turns of 3* their Magic Attack stat. Which can end up being more damage than they did to any single enemy. Enemies, especially latter in the game, do have high health and high M.Def. At level 40 the Wizzard has a M.Atk of 133, most of the enemies you...
  18. acidhedz

    How do you manage Magi as general?

    Yes on the spell store. His element is Wind, so he gets all four Wind spells right off the bat. The rest you pay for. Example on the spells... The strongest fire spell is called Pyromancer's Rampage. It does a.mat * 9 - b.mdf * 2, and has a 40% chance of causing a DoT called burning. It costs...
  19. acidhedz

    Weapons as "Incomparables".

    I've got a project on the back burner with a similar set up. Heavily based in old school AD&D. I can take you down the line of how I made sure each weapon type has it's own place. First off, there are 10 different weapon types. Axes, Swords, Staves, Bows, Fists, Clubs, Daggers, Light Swords...
  20. acidhedz

    No experience.

    Don't think in terms of RPG then, think along the lines of Escape/Sneaky Horror. RPG Maker is perfectly capable of making games that aren't strictly RPGs. It just depends on how you set things up. As for balancing, it really isn't that hard. Since it doesn't sound like you want to include many...

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