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  1. SergeX

    Elemental Attack

    Besides normal magic elemental damage, I want physical attackers in my game to also use elemental physical attacks. I don't want to make physical elemental skills; I want to have a state that turns neutral physical damage into elemental physical damage. It's kinda like Judgement tips & tricks...
  2. SergeX

    Terrain Effects

    In my game, I want more interaction with the environment but I'm not sure of how make it work properly. For example. I want that the final damage input of skills are affected by the terrain, like: In a mountain, Wind skills receive damage boost of 10%-30% and Earth skills damage decreased...
  3. SergeX

    How to use Yanfly Equipment Menu and Yami Equipment Learning together?

    Hello everybody It may be a dumb question, but I'm not a specialist in RGSSx at all and despite all my attempts, I can't put two scripts working together: Yanfly Ace Equip Engine and Yami Equipment Learning. If I use YEA Ace Equip Engine, the "Learning Scene" from Yamis script doesnt appear...
  4. SergeX

    Incompatibility between Guardian Series (Yami) and Free Turn Battle (Yanfly)

    First, I would like to ask if anyone knows if Yami isn't giving any updates to his old Ace scripts like the Guardian Series. It seems so, but I would like to confirm, because if this is the case, I would have to change the gameplay of my project since the Guardian Series has some incompatibility...

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