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  1. Benja

    FREE Looking for playtesters for my horror game

    Hi everyone! I'm currently seeking playtesters for an unconventional styled game. I currently have 1 out of 3 segments of the game complete, but I'm just making sure that all components function due to the oddball nature of the game! Also a side effect of its strangeness is that save files are...
  2. Benja

    Jet's pathfinding script not working for events following other events.

    Hi everyone! I'm currently using Jet's pathfinding script in my game for the enemy to chase the player. However, there is a segment where the character pilots an event getting chased, so naturally, I used the following script call in the move route. find_path($[3].x...
  3. Benja

    [SOLVED] Error with Himeworks' Enemy Action Conditions

    Hi. I'm having some trouble using Himeworks script. I'm attempting to make an attack that damages and inflicts a status effect, and won't use it again if you still have the status effect. Unfortunately, any use of <action condition: 35> or </action condition>, no matter what's in it, triggers...
  4. Benja

    How to make a successful defend prevent status effects? [Galv's Timed Button Attacks]

    Hiya guys. I'm having a bit of trouble with a feature I want implemented. I'm using Galv's Timed Button Attacks in my battle system, and I wanted to implement a feature where a successful defend from an attack that would give you a status effect will prevent it from being inflicted on the...
  5. Benja

    Enemy emoting to getting hit, attacking, etc.

    Hiya. I'm looking for a script that would allow enemies to change battlers based on action taken in battle. i.e. An enemy gives a pained look when hit, then goes back to normal. Or an enemy attacks, giving a face of anger, then goes back to normal. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Benja

    RPG Maker shoving all windows into top left corner?

    Hi. it is a harmless bug, but it is incredibly annoying to me. RPG maker is shoving every game window I open into the top left corner of the program (Database, script editor, any events, etc.) It started doing this literally 30 minutes ago, out of nowhere, it just decided to start doing it...
  7. Benja

    SERVICE ConLanging for the building of a world [COMPLETELY FREE!]

    Worldbuilding A vital step in the creation of any game. Where does it take place? What is the environment? What is the culture like? Every great RPG indulges in the wonders of creating an immersive world, with fleshed out surroundings an rich history, but how about we take it a step further...
  8. Benja

    More pictures script?

    Hiya there folks. I'm in the process of making a pretty animation intense game, so i need a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, there are only 100 slots available for pictures. Now, I haven't hit this limit yet, but is there any way to surpass it if needs be? Thanks!
  9. Benja

    A problem with Jet's APPDATA saving script!

    Hi there! So recently, I've received a complaint from a person who played my game! They are from russia, and are having some trouble with the game, and i have pinpointed the error to jet's appdata saving script, which claims to be compatible with non english characters. This is the...
  10. Benja

    Ways to shatter the fourth wall

    Hiya there! So I am creating a horror game in rpg maker (VX ace) that directly interacts with the player and the player's computer to deliver sp00ks. Buuuuut I'm running out of ways to do this, and I was hoping you guys could help! Here's what I've done so far: The game creates text...
  11. Benja

    Is there any way to actually MOVE the game window?

    Alright, so I am creating a horror game in rpg maker that breaks the fourth wall to spook you I have already found a way to resize the window, but I am looking for a way to actually MOVE it. For example let's say the screen was in the center of the desktop, then something spooky happened and...
  12. Benja


      THERE IS NO FIRST GAME. DON'T BELIEVE IT.                                      you need not play the first game. but if you can find the first game you are welcome to play it. YOU WON'T FIND IT Welcome to the world's best party simulation game's sequel! (you don't...
  13. Benja

    Looking for beta testers

    So currently I am working on a special kind of game that requires people other than me to find bugs and loopholes. I'm looking for around 3 or 4 people to beta test and help me free it of any bugs before the very soon release date. Here's the synopsis taken from the game page:  Play as...
  14. Benja


    Playable teaser/Demo out now! This demo does not have any of the maps from the main game, but gives you a flavor of the game! (with a bit of story)                                    you need not play the first game. but if you can find the first game you are welcome to play...
  15. Benja

    Diagonal movement going above tiles

    I have taken up a diagonal moving script  And it works perfectly, except one thing. this: If players move diagonally down when next to an impassable tile, their sprite with appear to slightly go over it. It doesn't affect gameplay at all, but I'd really...
  16. Benja

    Game over switch

    Hi, I wanted to add a secret boss if the player makes it through the entire game without dying, yet I can't seem to find a script that can tell if the player has died and seal off the boss.  Thanks in advanced.
  17. Benja

    Party leader perks

    I want to give whoever is my party leader an increase in speed and a slight boost in other stats as well, but only while they are the leader of the party. I kind of want to add an element of strategy in your party formation. Thanks in advanced (PS Very sorry to the awesome mods for...
  18. Benja

    Party leader perks

    I want whoever is the party leader to gain an increase in speed, and a slight boost in the other stats as well, but only while they're the party leader.  Thanks in advanced.
  19. Benja

    Global switches script

    Recently Hime made an amazing script for me in order to create a boss rush, the problem is, I want this boss rush to be unlocked when the game is beaten, so I was hoping someone would be kind enough to make a script for me that has a switch I can turn on, and it would change the title menu.  If...
  20. Benja

    Boss rush menu option.

    I was hoping there would be a script or a person willing to make this script. I wanted to make it so after you beat my game, a title menu choice would appear that allows you to fight all of the bosses one after another. Help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

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