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  1. Noddah

    RMMV Disorder - A story about invisible illness

    "You came here on your own free will, Noddah. And by my will, you are bound to stay a while longer." -Disorder What is the Project Disorder about and why Plot overview Screenshots and miscelaneous art SCREENSHOT - Inside the diary SCREENSHOT - OwO What's this? SCREENSHOT - Puzzling...
  2. Noddah

    How do I deal with animations?

    Hello! Fortunately, I've been managing to move on quite well with my project lately, but I'm still struggling to figure out some things regarding animations; there are 3 questions I've gathered so I'll try to go in (what I believe to be) difficulty order. 1- How do I make the character...
  3. Noddah

    Using a bust conversation plugin along with portraits. How?

    So, I wanted my game to have conversations with the characters in full size, so I downloaded a GALV_MessageBusts plugin script that I can use to achieve that. Although, It changes the image directory to the img/pictures, which takes away the possibility of using commom portraits when so desired...
  4. Noddah

    RMMV Disorder

    Sooo... Here I am finally sharing all that I have about my project for now, but since I have mostly plot and character development ready instead of actual gameplay examples, I decided to post here on Ideas and Projects rather than ongoing projects (even though I'm very determined to go all the...
  5. Noddah

    I'm lost about tileset, characters and UI customization

    Hello, how are you? :) Now that I finished all of the tutorials, I was about to begin to set some scenarios and rooms for the game, but I have no idea how to even start using stuff outside of what already comes with the software ;-; I was gonna ask if there are specific tutorials on tile and...
  6. Noddah

    Hello! I'm Noddah!

    Hello guys! How are you? So, I just got started in this RPG Maker thing but it's been YEARS since I've been wanting to create a game based on a history I've been putting a lot of effort into (basically, it's a horror story with focus on mental illness and other psychological disorders). I'm a...

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Sigh...I can do everything I need for this game but make actual sprites and tile maps for it. Guess I'll look into hiring someone for that
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It's ma birfday! Gonna chill and work on my project, editing some icons for my compass rn. Later It's pizza and a movie, maybe Blazing Saddles...
I really hope Google stadia/Amazon luna become successful household "consoles" in the future only because I could see it being 1000x easier to get RPG Maker and other indie games on their platforms & if so I PRAY they have gate keepers to keep half baked indie games out of the mix so they don't end up like steam/ with 1000s of incomplete RM projects that continue to give our community a bad stigma.

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