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  1. jobar

    Item window request

    Hi, this image is from the plugin iconinventory from Vlue:
  2. jobar

    RMMV Wonder Language : an educational RPG

    Hi everybody, just a quick update: I am planning to release the demo by the 10th of August to the RPGMakerWeb community. It will be in prevision to the kickstarter campaign that should start mid-september. I am very excited to have some feedback. Here are a few more character arts:
  3. jobar


  4. jobar

    Bust dialogue

    Thanks a lot. I will experiment with these solutions.
  5. jobar

    Bust dialogue

    I am using MV. I can't use the generator as my art style is too different and my game demo features mostly anthropomorphic animals. I will look for the name-box plugins for MV, thanks.
  6. jobar

    Looking For Some Combat System Feedback (MV)

    Maybe you can get this feel by having very hard battles, in which the player has a roughly 50% chance of dying. The gameplay would focus on avoiding monsters and battles. If the player is caught in a fight, he still has a chance to live if he uses most of his available resources but he would...
  7. jobar

    Bust dialogue

    Hi, I would like to have your advice on something. I am planning to display the busts of my characters (original art) for my dialogue. However, I can't have a original art drawn for every NPC in the game, thus many NPCs have neither bust nor face to display. Do you have any trick or advice to...
  8. jobar

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Problem solved
  9. jobar

    JK Mail System

    Yes, this is what I was asking. Thanks!!
  10. jobar

    Use item from inventory through Common Event

    I see. I guess I will need to commission a plugin for that. Thanks
  11. jobar

    Use item from inventory through Common Event

    Hi Everybody, I am looking to do one of two things, but can't figure out either: Force use an item from the inventory on the party leader through a common event OR 2. Run a common event when using an Item from the inventory. I want the event to Run BEFORE the item effect is applied...
  12. jobar

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Yes, it is working fine like this. Thanks. This Map Editor is a very powerful tool!
  13. jobar

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    What Z coordinate do you use for the object to have it appear above the player when the player is behind and below the play when the player in front? If I use Z=3 it is always below and Z=4 it is always above.
  14. jobar

    Keyboard Input Dialog

    It sounds totally out of my league, hehe. However I still need it. PM me if you are interested in doing a paid commission work to modify your plugin.
  15. jobar

    Term Window

    The game is booting with YEP_MessageCore now, but I am getting a second error:
  16. jobar

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Hi quasi, In the old QuasiMovement, there was a solution to move event of a few pixels using comment: <ox=...> and <oy=...> Is it possible to implement the same in the new QMovement? I particularly need it to position accurately the shadow sources of QuasiSimpleShadows, according to my...
  17. jobar

    Term Window

    Hi, I get the same issue, "undefined is not a function", as soon as I launch the game. Here is the console error:
  18. jobar

    Cintronic's Resources Update 1.4.7 (6 Animations / 8 Windowskins)

    The animations are really good. Thanks for sharing!
  19. jobar

    Keyboard Input Dialog

    Hi there, I am looking for a way to change the input window position. I looked into to plugin but couldn't find the right parameters to adjust. I just managed to remove it form the center and put it on top. I would also like to have the window displayed on top or inside a message without...
  20. jobar

    Information Book Plugin

    Great! I am greatly in need for this too. Having categories will make for an easier navigation!

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