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  1. Angie90

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  2. Angie90

    Averys Ace-Stuff

    Hi! I need the raccoon face and the images aren't loading! Anyone can help a friend out?
  3. Angie90

    Guardinthena's Fantasy Generator Expansion-Dwarfs!

    very good work! I simply love them! :ywink:
  4. Angie90

    whtdragon's tilesets addons, fixes and more!

    So much content! These are so good and helpful! Thank you so much! :ywink:
  5. Angie90

    Popnfizzle's Edits 'n' Such

    THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! :kaoluv:
  6. Angie90

    Fuffydud's MV Decor, Wall Art, etc.

    wow these are amazing! Thank you! :ywink:
  7. Angie90

    Searching for wood switches (Character) for RPG Maker MV

    Will do! Thanks again!
  8. Angie90

    Searching for wood switches (Character) for RPG Maker MV

    Hi, love these! Can I use them in my game? If yes, what can I credit you as?
  9. Angie90

    Candacis' Resources

    Thank you so much :)
  10. Angie90

    Candacis' Resources

    This is amazing! Can they be used for MV as well??

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Sigh...I can do everything I need for this game but make actual sprites and tile maps for it. Guess I'll look into hiring someone for that
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i'm working on finishing an old game in vx ace (the first game i tried to make in vx ace), and it's making me realize how many things i've come to take for granted in mv (like the additional BCDE tile layer and the plugin manager).
It's ma birfday! Gonna chill and work on my project, editing some icons for my compass rn. Later It's pizza and a movie, maybe Blazing Saddles...
I really hope Google stadia/Amazon luna become successful household "consoles" in the future only because I could see it being 1000x easier to get RPG Maker and other indie games on their platforms & if so I PRAY they have gate keepers to keep half baked indie games out of the mix so they don't end up like steam/ with 1000s of incomplete RM projects that continue to give our community a bad stigma.

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