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  1. DantonSlip

    Gallery of a Wanderer

    Last week of inktober! And the three last days
  2. DantonSlip

    Gallery of a Wanderer

    Second and third week of Inktober
  3. DantonSlip

    Gallery of a Wanderer

    Last Year Inktober resume: My OC : First week of inktober 2020
  4. DantonSlip

    Random Art Thread

    Like last year, I participate to Inktober x) I made dogs, so know, it's cats haha !
  5. DantonSlip

    What One Thing In RPG Maker Would You Like To See?

    1. Be able to set up as many frames as we want for animations. Or at least be able to choose between: 3 | 6 | 12 frames. 2. Multilayers, like RMXP, but with 4 layers. Same tileset settings as in RMXP. Be able to have infinite heigh tilesets like in RMXP. 3. Isometric view
  6. DantonSlip

    Post Your Music

    Your musics are sooo great! D:
  7. DantonSlip

    I challenge you!

    Thanks! I more had to my mind the scarecrow from batman animated movie! haha!
  8. DantonSlip

    I challenge you!

    I sketched something for the mushroom character
  9. DantonSlip

    Random Art Thread

    I totally forgot to post the others!
  10. DantonSlip

    Random Art Thread

    Dunno, it's strange to even think about that xD
  11. DantonSlip

    Random Art Thread

    OH SORRY ! here is the answer
  12. DantonSlip

    Random Art Thread

    AAand the Day 2 and 3
  13. DantonSlip

    Random Art Thread

    I'm doing the Inktober challenge, here is the first day
  14. DantonSlip

    Random Art Thread

    I made a little pixel art to train.
  15. DantonSlip

    Fave RM games with original graphics

    Thank for the precision, didn't knew that!
  16. DantonSlip

    Gallery of a Wanderer

    Thanks Fick! I'm actually thinking about creating an illustration for this character, still in process haha! ((Note from Moderator: I had to delete Fick's post due to illegal material in his signature; I think his account was hacked)) I drew Aerith to thanks someone that kindly drew a request...
  17. DantonSlip

    RMMV Rising Storm (classic RPG)

    Artworks are amazing! I hope you can raise money in order to translate it, the project seems so beautiful. (you can maybe translate a first time yourself in english and then, ask for someone to correct it)
  18. DantonSlip

    Being a fly on the wall doesn't work...

    Welcome! You'll make lot of friends as a old RPG Fan ^^ I hope we will see your game project soon : )
  19. DantonSlip

    Just sayin' 'Hey'

    Welcome here! : )

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