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  1. PoptartPresident

    RMMV How do I make a SEs and Sprites appear when there are random encounters?

    So I have some sprites and sound effects I want to play. In my game, there is a creature that pops from underneath the ground, and under the "player". I want these effects to appear when a "random encounter" is successful. Like, right before the battle commences. I believe I would need to use...
  2. PoptartPresident

    RMMV How do I remove the Gold Menu and the huge blank space of the actors window?

    Essentially, all I want is the single actor in their own little window (without all the empty space), and no gold menu of any kind. I'm sure this would require a plugin if I'm not mistaken? (Not too sure though).
  3. PoptartPresident

    How do I...make a one-time "warning" on the beginning of the game?

    As soon as the player starts the game, I want there to be a dialogue box that pops up in a black background, and explains to the player that the game they're about to play contains certain content that isn't suitable for all viewers. I want it to end with: "By agreeing to this, you consent to...
  4. PoptartPresident

    How do I simplify my menu tabs significantly?

    In my game, I have it implemented to where the player has to manually select items from their inventory, and stand in front of corresponding events to use them. There's something that bugs me though... So, when you need to select an item for something the current "use item" route is this: -Open...
  5. PoptartPresident

    How do I make an event stop moving when it hits a wall?

    Here's the coding :3 Soooo with the way this coding is currently setup, the snowball will travel repeatedly in the direction the player pushes it towards. (It's a sliding snowball, and the player is immune to the sliding effect) However, I ran into a previously unnoticed issue... Whenever...
  6. PoptartPresident

    How do I make a death animation play after a battle?

    So here's the case: There's an enemy you can encounter through the battle system. This is a special enemy, and all it's capable of doing is trying to inflict a death state on you. What I'm trying to do is...when this "State" is afflicted onto the player, I want the battle to abort, and right...
  7. PoptartPresident

    How to set a random-chance variable between two numbers instead of always using the variable?

    I feel like there is an easy answer but maybe I can't seem to find it. Is there a way to tell a random variable in a certain range that I want something to occur between 2 numbers...? Example: I have a set of events I want trigger based within a range of 1-30 (Using a random variable). I want...
  8. PoptartPresident

    General questions for diagonal movement and larger sprites.

    So...after I finish creating my 1st test-game, I'd like to begin on a new project in the near future. One that would involve nothing but custom assets, sprites...etc. I'd like to take the notes now so that I can incorporate it later on! 1) I'd like to make a character that's generally around 19...
  9. PoptartPresident

    How do I...specify which "step" in one row of an animation to take?

    So I have a 4x3 (normal) sprite that I want to use for an event. I'm using Set Movement Route as normal. Thing is, the event of this character starts with his eyes closed on the "1st" step in the 1st row of his sprite sheet. Then his eyes "open" on the "2nd" step of the 1st row... Is there...
  10. PoptartPresident

    How do I...use custom animations that go outside of a 48x48 tile?

    So I want to make a few custom animations, that of which exceed 48x48. Usually, I'm able to just confine the animations in a 48x48 space, and use Change Actor Images (tab 3) in the system settings for certain events. However, I want to know if there's a way I can get around that? The problem...
  11. PoptartPresident

    How would you go about using images for tiles?

    So, this is just more of a general question. If I decided I wanted to use an image for a floor that wasn't restricted to 48x48 tiles, and the image dimensions just expanded within the ratio of 48x48, how would you go on about implementing that? Has anyone had any experience with this before?
  12. PoptartPresident

    Is there a way to re-arrange the item inventory screen?

    The arrangement of the current inventory menu is a bit clunky. If possible I'd like to know if there's a way to make it to where your inventory is this manner: From Items. Weapon. Armor. Key Items To Items, Key Items, Weapon. Armor If I need to clarify, I'll gladly go more...
  13. PoptartPresident

    Where are the Character Generator files from Steam, MacOSX?

    Story: About a week or two ago, I purchased a child-generator folder. I've figured out from watching tutorials on YouTube that I have to put the corresponding files to the right folders for assets. Thing is...I don't know where my game pulls the character generator files from. I have seen and...
  14. PoptartPresident

    How do I...make a switch-ON controlled tile allow passage?

    Scene: Player comes to a bridge with a gap. They have to go find the wooden plank for the bridge gap. Player comes back with the plank, goes into their inventory and manually uses it in front of the bridge gap to trigger a scene where the player puts down the wooden plank. (For the plank to...
  15. PoptartPresident

    How do I...make it to where Custom Routes don't repeat after interaction?

    Here's a glimpse: There's something that has a custom route (moving back and forth, repeating movements and skipping them if they can't move). This is an obstacle that travels with a priority set to "below the player"/ If the player touches it, something bad happens. Unfortunately, I...
  16. PoptartPresident

    Is there a way to implement RNG for dialogue text?

    Just a smaaall question: So the player can find a food item, and choose to go to their inventory and use it. An option will pop up asking if the player wants to eat it. When the player does choose to eat it, I want the character to say something witty before consuming it...but I'd like for the...
  17. PoptartPresident

    How do a common event with a State?

    I'm trying to figure this out... Okay so, you know how RPG Maker gives you the Knockout (state) by default? Well, I'm trying to make it to where, when the player enters this state, (HP drops to 0), a unique death-cutscene plays before cutting away to the Game Over screen. My first instinct was...
  18. PoptartPresident

    How do I...add a few custom death animations?

    So there's a couple of different ways to die...and I want to implement individual "cutscenes" for each of them. All death animations can only occur on the overworld, so there's no need to worry about an in-game battle system or anything. So how would I go about doing that? Ideally, the player...
  19. PoptartPresident

    What are the inventory limits of a party member in the default settings?

    So my game does have a bit of a collect-athon going on! I want to make sure the player has an infinite inventory. (Or at the very least, as big of an inventory as possible) I have Yanfly's max-item limit thing set for stacking, so I'm not worried about that. I'm more worried about...if all the...
  20. PoptartPresident

    How do I...make it to where the party-member menu only shows 1 window?

    So in-game, you're only gonna play as 1 person. (People can't join you or anything). The maximum # of characters has been set to 1, so that shouldn't be the issue. The problem is that, when you open the menu screen in-game, it shows 3 more empty slots below the main character that take up room...

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