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  1. AtlasAtrium

    Slow Cutscenes

    After a bit of poking around, there at least seems to be some kind of vocal consensus that cutscenes with a lot of talking are mostly palatable only if there is something else to hold it up, like motion on the screen, having something funny or interesting happen, or major story relevance...
  2. AtlasAtrium

    Remove Random State on Hit?

    Hello! \(´ ▽`) I'm looking to implement an ability that follows as such: Deals damage -> Removes a random (beneficial) state affecting the target, checks the ID of the state that was removed, and then based on that ID, inflicts a different state (that prevents that specific beneficial state...
  3. AtlasAtrium

    Visibility Range Priority?

    I really like using both Yami's Overlay Mapping script and Galv's Visibiltiy Range script, but Galv's script does not affect any mapping level higher than parallax and I was wondering if there was a way to fix that? I'm assuming that this is possible, since things like pictures have priority...
  4. AtlasAtrium

    Conditionals (XaiL Teleport)

    So I've been using the Xail System - Teleport script... ...and there's a section that lets you set the animation id. However, I can't figure out how to make it so that a different animation play based on a variable in my game. The...
  5. AtlasAtrium

    Spirit Dancer - Humanity Falls

    ~Spirit Dancer: Humanity Falls~ [RPG Maker VX Ace]   < Will be released as non-commercial >   Demo thing I guess or something (Currently 301.22mb and 30-35min of gameplay) Warning beforehand: This is not an easy game. If it becomes too hard, you can change the difficulty at any time in the...
  6. AtlasAtrium

    [Ace] Yanfly Chase Conditions?

    So, I'm basically a huge n00b and know close to nothing about scripting so I figured I'd put down an oar somewhere over here. I'm trying to figure out how to run Yanfly's Chase script under certain conditions. I have an area in the game filled with wolves that will chase you on sight; it just...
  7. AtlasAtrium

    Partners for a Cyberpunk game!

    ~Spirit Dancer: Humanity Falls~ [RPG Maker VX Ace]   So...I haven't actually posted anything on this site before, but I figured I might as well begin by requesting partners for a game I've been working on. It is still VERY early in development so there's a lot to work with!   I'm not asking...

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