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  1. OgreLeg

    RMMV SRD Summon Core popping 3 summons per cast?

    Hey everyone o/ I'm having an issue that has popped up since having to update my project files. The SRD Summon Core plugin still runs fine, for the most part, except that it is now summoning 3 of each thing summoned. In troubleshooting, I've found that if you set the max summons to 1 or 2 then...
  2. OgreLeg

    RMMV If Mouseclick Then Press Z?

    I need a script call for a key input. I've scoured the forums, including that full script call page (which is crazy useful) but can't find this info anywhere. Using conditional branch If TouchInput.isPressed(), how do I script call something like Input.isPressed("confirm")? I'm running a...
  3. OgreLeg

    Manually Scripting ATB gauge off window, under actor.

    Does anyone know of a way to display an ATB gauge under the actor battler instead of on the HUD? Either Yanfly ATB or VE-ATB? Mog's ATB would be sweet except it breaks MV's ability to auto-battle. Trying to finish game and this has really been holding me back.
  4. OgreLeg

    VE Materia Add State

    Hey folks o/ Been trying to set up VE Materia, great plugin so far. In the help notes it shows that a state can be added and says that it's tied in with the added effect note tag. It does not show an example, nor can I find one online. Are we able to have a materia that adds a state if...
  5. OgreLeg

    VE Materia Force Equip?

    Hey folks o/ I was looking through the forums and didn't see anything on this, was hoping someone could help. Is it possible to force equip materia? The use being that a new character would have meteria pre-equipped. Is this possible?
  6. OgreLeg

    Looking For Custom Code Vocabulary

    Hey folks o/ I'm trying to figure out some intermediate-advanced formulas for my game but my Javascript understanding is limited, though growing. I've figured out how to call some interesting info in custom damage/action sequence formulas and I have the feeling I've only scratched the surface...
  7. OgreLeg

    How to face mouse cursor?

    I've been scouring Google for almost 7 hours now to find a solution to this. I know how to get player XY coords and I can nab the mouse cursor XY on click through the touch input stuff but I can't seem to get it right. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm aiming for having the character...

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