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  1. Orgaya

    How do I disable usage of a menu option without entirely removing it?

    Let me know if I've formatted this wrong or placed this in the wrong area. What I am aiming to do is have the "Formation" option be greyed out as it is when you have no party members, but to continue to be so even with party members. Essentially, this will make it a useless menu option. I can...
  2. Orgaya

    Right Mouse Click Rebind

    Let me know if this is incorrectly placed or if something like this already exists. I attempted searching, but came up with no results that satisfies the criteria. Essentially what I am looking for is a plugin that binds a keyboard key to the right mouse button, so that instead of opening the...
  3. Orgaya

    RMMV The Halcyon Project Development Thread

    SYNOPSIS LORE PROGRESS TRACKER Storyboarding: 50% Planning stage. This will likely take the longest. Update: Basic story structure created, with each chapter/episode given a theme and synopsis. Filling them out with details will take priority...
  4. Orgaya

    Dead Don't Play (Let's Play)

    "Hello there, Salt here, and I'm a shiny new let's player looking to play indie/ rpg maker games. Now you might be asking yourself "But why Salt? Why should I hand over my passion project, my babeh to you for feedback?" The short answer is because feedback is good for you and your project. The...
  5. Orgaya

    At My Wit's End

    I don't know if it's sacrilege to talk about other forums, but I'm pounding my desk over this. I'm trying to do ANYTHING over at the RMRK forums, but every time I try to post, send a message, create a new account, etc., I have to fill in a reCAPTCHA. Shouldn't be a problem, except when I...
  6. Orgaya

    When Submitting a Completed Game...

    ...Do I lose all of the comments I have in the Games in Progression thread? Or does the whole thing just get moved over? And out of curiosity, how do mods generally check to see if a game is up to the standard of a completed game?
  7. Orgaya

    Question About Protecting Your Scripts

    Say I make a script and then allow it to be used in others' games. But I clarify that it's not meant to be used for commercial use. Even slap the CC label on it. What's stopping anyone from just stripping the script down to its bare bones (like removing comments and such to make it less...
  8. Orgaya

    Questions About Completed Games

    I'm on the verge of completing my project and submitting it to the "Completed Games" section, but I have a few questions for anyone willing to answer. 1. How complete is "complete", really? How does one know when to quit tweaking, adding stuff, removing stuff, etc.? 2. Does being "complete"...
  9. Orgaya

    Change Font Size In-Game

    Is it possible to have a script or script call to change the default font size in game? I ask because my default size is 22, which is apparently too small for a book script I have and thus it ruins the formatting. Alternatively, if someone can offer a decent book script, that would be helpful...
  10. Orgaya

    Advice on Enemy Balancing

    One of the final things I'm working on before submitting my game to the "Completed Games" thread is balancing the combat so it isn't too easy or too difficult, an issue I'm sure is common. The combat system I'm using is ABS, and it focuses more on quick scuffles and healing with a small amount...
  11. Orgaya

    File Encryption Suggestions?

    Because I use bought resources, I'm required to encrypt my files before distributing my game. However, using the Maker's compression tool fails on me multiple times, enough to where it takes many attempts over several hours for it to succeed, if it does at all (I'm using Ace, by the way). So...
  12. Orgaya

    Has Anyone Made Their Game Bug-Free?

    Every time someone new plays my game, they always encounter some kind of bizarre bug that I've never experienced before, usually in ways that never occurred to me to attempt. And despite trying to be as thorough as possible, they always get through. So, has anyone made a game completely free of...
  13. Orgaya

    Can Someone Fix This?

    Let me know if this is in the wrong area. I have a script that is meant to create an overlay for maps, but whenever I compress and encrypt the game, it doesn't include the necessary file containing the overlays. It was suggested that I find someone capable of making a patch, if it's even...
  14. Orgaya

    Touching the Edges of a Map

    I've seen several instances where when someone is able to touch the edge of a map in a game, it's treated like some kind of faux pas. Yet, and maybe this is just the ignoramus in me talking, it doesn't seem like too much of an issue. So, what do think of this?
  15. Orgaya

    Swearing in RPG Maker Games

    The context is this: after being transported to a town via a ship, you and your accomplice are unexpectedly thrown overboard because the captain (who is a woman) just decided to on a whim. You land on the dock, your accomplice lands in the water. She climbs onto the dock, turns to the boat...
  16. Orgaya

    Ever Feel Self-Conscious about Your Game?

    Recently I've been casting a net to several Let's Players to get some feedback on my project, but once I do I realize that I owe it to them to watch some of their previous videos to give them support. However, every time I do, I get a crushing sense of inferiority. The moment I see something...
  17. Orgaya

    Adding Extra Files to Game Compression?

    I ask because I've recently discovered that a certain function in my game doesn't work on other computers, and I'm wondering if it's because it requires a custom folder. Is it possible it isn't being added in?
  18. Orgaya

    Scroll Text Parallel Process

    I'm trying to create an end sequence that transfers the player from one scenario to the next while the credits scroll upwards. Separately, very easy, but when put together this doesn't work. I would have figured that making an event with the Scrolling Text function operate as a Parallel...
  19. Orgaya

    Save Spot or Save from Menu?

    I remember reading somewhere that being allowed to save anywhere in a game removes a lot of the tension in the moment, if not all of it. While I sort of agree, I'm mostly against this idea because dying and having to restart a whole dungeon is just annoying to me. However, a problem I've found...
  20. Orgaya

    What Do You Prefer?

    Alternate title: The Gradual Realization That Marketing is Everything Occasionally whenever I feel like I'm getting too egotistical or arrogant about my own work I go onto the forums and look at what other people are doing, which in turn always ends up making my own project look awful. But the...

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