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  1. Undertale Battle System – no graphics displayed

    Actually I solved the issue. Turns out my icon set file was too big(something beyond 5mb) and that seems to have somehow prevented the graphics from loading into memory immediately when they were needed.
  2. Layered Character busts done easily?

    Hello, I just wanted to ask whether its possible (with or without plugins) to have layered character busts. Where there is a base body layer and then facial expressions are on another layer. I know this can be done using a common event with "show picture" command but that is kind of very...
  3. Undertale Battle System – no graphics displayed

    Hi, I have been trying to use the Undertale Battle System plugin from SumRndmDde. It works fine mostly but I stumbled upon a problem I just can seem to fix. Whenever a battle starts the character(heart) sprite and attack sprite/image. Do not appear immediately. For the first round they are...
  4. Terrax Lighting system

    So I recently stumbled onto a problem with the RegionBlock command. For some reason it does not fully block the region only puts a semi transparent cover over it. Picture: This is how it looks in the editor. Anyone have any idea what...
  5. Profile Status Page cutting off the image

    Sorry for not replying sooner. I assumed that after nobody reacted to the thread it was a lost cause. Anyway thank you. This solved the problem completely and everything now works as should. I cannot thank you enough for this.
  6. Profile Status Page cutting off the image

    Or better yet has anyone been able to solve this?
  7. Profile Status Page cutting off the image

    Hello, I recently tried to implement Profile Status Page by Yep . It works fine except the text is cutting off the character profile image. Did anyone else stumble upon this issue? Here is a picture of how it looks.
  8. Terrax Lighting system

    Thanks a lot, this worked just like I needed it. And by the way is the "Light cycle #FF0000 50 #00FF00 50 #0000FF 50" tag broken? I tried using it but it does not seem to do anything. Is there some special method to using it or am I missing something?
  9. Terrax Lighting system

    So I was wondering is there any way to control the transparency of the darkness? Something that would let me make a dungeon where parts are darker and other parts are brighter, as in the darkness gets more or less transparent. Is that any option with this plugin? I already got something like it...
  10. HUD Maker – MV Plugin variable conditionals

    Hello, I just wanted to ask whether its possible to use variable conditionals for HUD elements in plugin. More specifically, is it possible to make a certain HUD element appear/change when a variable reaches a specific value? For example a day and night cycle would...
  11. Game_Stailer94´s Quest System

    There is no command that does this for you by default, but you could do it with a bit of trickery. Simply create a "Completed" category and copy all quests that you make(and are completable) into it. Then just remove the regular quest via plugin command and add the "completed" copy.
  12. Undertale Battle System - heart not showing

    Hello, I recently tried to integrate the Undertale Battle System by SRDude into my project and it works flawlessly except for one thing. On the first turn the game does not display the player icon/heart, after that it loads and everything is fine. I was however unable to determine what is...
  13. Game_Stailer94´s Quest System

    Hello, does anyone have the complete set of parameters to incorporate this plugin with YEP_MainMenuManager? The two parameters given on the first page are not enough to get it to show properly in the menu. EDIT: NWM I found them. Name: "What ever you want it to say" (just make sure to keep the...
  14. Gameus' Quest System

    I suppose you didn't get an answer as to what those parameters are. EDIT: NWM I found them. Name: "What ever you want it to say" (just make sure to keep the quotation marks) Symbol: quest Show: true Enabled: true Bind: this.commandQuest.bind(this)
  15. Yep - message core: Actor 1 name wont display in the name box

    Great, thank you. I'm still relatively new to this so misunderstood the instructions. Now everything works as it should.
  16. Yep - message core: Actor 1 name wont display in the name box

    I recently stumbled into this rather bizarre situation where I cant get the game to display the name of Actor 1 in a separate name box. Instead its displayed inside the text box as part of the text. This seems to happen only when I use the "\N[1]" command, the name is displayed correctly but in...
  17. Bobstah's Custom Stats 1.3.2

    I just wanted to ask. Is there a tutorial or a example of how to properly include these custom stats into the menu with JawsUF's StatusMenuCore or some other plugin?
  18. Why is my Sparkle effect not working?

    Man, thanks a lot I would have never figured this one out. Anyways I ended up using a slightly different setup. 
  19. Why is my Sparkle effect not working?

    Thats strange, according to this thread it should be possible:  And ultimately my problem isn't that the events dont overlay, its just that the sparkle isn't really sparkling. 
  20. Why is my Sparkle effect not working?

    Well, yes that does make the animation work normally but it also negates the reasons why I want to use it. My intent is to highlight the events the player is meant to interact with a.k.a I need the sparkle event to overlay over another event.  

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