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  1. KineticDog

    How to Keep Actors Selected after Leaving from Equip Menu

    Hi There. I have a question regarding on user interaction experience. By default, after selecting 'Equip' from menu, player needs to select an actor before getting into the equipment menu of this actor. Up to here it's all ok. But once the player completes actor build up and exits equip menu...
  2. KineticDog

    MV Include Resources Introduced by Unofficial Approaches during Encryption Deployment

    Hi there. I know that when 'Exclude unused files', 'Encryption - Image files' and 'Encryption - Audio files' options are selected. Only images and audios used in game will be included and encrypted. But I find that this is only limited to resources in rpgmaker default image and audio folders...
  3. KineticDog

    Mark Newly Added Goods with a 'NEW' Label

    Hi there. I'm creating a shop for my game that could update new goods according to game progress. I'm implementing it by creating multiple shop processes and change shop according to game progress variable. Now I just want to make the system a little bit better, by giving 'newly added' goods a...
  4. KineticDog

    RMMV Pass Parameter When Calling Common Events

    Hi there. I would like to know if it's possible to pass parameters when calling a common events. This could make a lot of work easier. I already know a compromised way of achieving it, which is save the value in a variable first, and fetch it in common event. I just want to know if there is...
  5. KineticDog

    Text Horizontal Translation Effect

    Hi there. I would like some script that could generate text and display on screen. Then the text could translate to right slowly, and disappear after a while. It would be more perfect if the display and disappear could be a fade in/ fade out effect. This feature will be used to reveal actor...
  6. KineticDog

    How to Force Action Multiple Times in the Same Turn with Script

    Hi there. I would like to implement a skill that can randomly chain one or more other skills right after it's been used. After some consideration (Explained in the bottom) I choose to use the function Game_Battler.forceAction, called from a phase tag provided by Yanfly skill core plugin. Now the...
  7. KineticDog

    Trigger Damage Popup Manually

    Hi there. I'm making a game that has an extra gauge despite of the traditional hp, mp and tp. It's like another mp gauge and there are skills to make damage to this gauge. I have kept the value of this gauge in a game variable. Now the problem is: When a target receives damage on hp or mp, a...
  8. KineticDog

    Sync Animation Flash to Custom Added Picture Elements

    Hi there. In the battle scene, I inserted some extra static picture resources to each party members' sprite area(To be more specific, they are put under 'Sprite_Actor._spriteParts'). They are used to implement one feature of the game in my plan. They are supposed to be looking like a part of the...
  9. KineticDog

    Damage Popup for Extra Parameters

    Hi everyone. I would like to know if there are built in ways in RMMV to pop up text during a battle. Here is the scenario: I have created several extra 'health' parameters for my actors. These parameters are kept in variables. Enemy could use skills to damage these 'health'. The logic itself...
  10. KineticDog

    How to Display Sprites Behind Skill Animations

    Recently I'm implementing a series of graphical features for battle scene. Among all of the features, the most foundamental one is to display actor static portraits on the battle scene, and make sure enemy attacks can trigger skill animations on these portraits like side view mode. For...
  11. KineticDog

    How to Reference the Current Actor Target in Script

    Hi, everyone. I'm currently writing some scripts in order to implement a new graphical feature in battle scene. One important information I need for this task is the targeting information on the battleground (Who is targeting who with which skill). After some research, I found that...
  12. KineticDog

    A Debuff State with Its Own Health

    Hi, I would like a plugin that could implement a state with its own hp gauge. In order to destroy this state, team members need to use a certain skill on the affected member. Once the state hp reduce to 0, its removed. But if it reaches 100 hp, it upgrades to next level. This state starts from...

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