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  1. Issue about too long iconset

    Well, I have a question about black box on the enemy. I found many people ask, and many answer "it's because illegal iconset". But I try it. I use totally blank iconset. And change it's height. Fixed width 512 pixel. Then found it's the problem about height. So I guess MV have max height in...
  2. TerraxLighting about change color

    Hi, A question about TerraxLighting. I use 1.5.1 A question about how to change color after turn on the kill switch. The problem is after I turn on the kill switch the pluin command is dead. It's usable when I turn off the kill...
  3. Problem with state Icon in Chrono Engine

    Hi I am using Chrono Engine by Moghunter. And I found the state icon will be block by tileset with ★ Any script to fix this. I try change z this._stateIconSprite.z And nothing happen. Actually, when I console...
  4. Where is the auto remove text

    Hi, I got a question about the text show when the state auto remove. "Actor is no longer poison" This is the text show when I got poison and now on the map, the state will remove after some step. I want to change the color of the text. However, when I change the color of the text through...
  5. Question about PH_Warehouse

    Hi, I got a question about term of use of this plugin, PH_Warehouse There's a License. But I don't get it.(sorry for my bad English) Can anyone tell me if it's free for commercial use? Just credit or I'll need to pay? Thank you.
  6. How to load file

    Hi, I got a question about how to load file through js. Now I have save a file, let's say save file 1. How can I load this save file 1 by js. Thank you.
  7. Show Text

    Hi, I got a question about show text. Hello World! How can I do this. Cross the text. In show text. Thank you.
  8. Text align

    Hello, I got question in text align in message window. How can I center the text to the middle of the message window. (not the whole message window in the center of the screen.) Thank you.
  9. Create an actor

    Hi, I want to create an actor by js. What I am looking for are two. 1. I want to read the data of the enemy when I am in a battle scene.(hp mp mhp mmp...... All the basic data I need to create an actor) 2. I want to create an actor with a new ID and the status is just like the enemy. If you...
  10. Scene Item

    Can I have a scene item that both category and item list are activate? Now I make a try and it works, but when I use an item, for example potion. And for the first time it works. But when I cancel and back to scene item, then use the item again it turns out pretty strange.(There will be item...
  11. Change turn to time

    Hello, May I ask how to change turn to time? For example, I want 5 sec to be a turn. Anyone know the script? Thank you.
  12. About cursor

    Hello, Now I got some question about cursor These are the code for cursor, am I right? Window_Selectable.prototype.updateCursor = function() { if (this._cursorAll) { var allRowsHeight = this.maxRows() * this.itemHeight(); this.setCursorRect(0, 0, this.contents.width...
  13. Catch monster

    Tutorial topic: Catch monster (I love Pokemon) Brief description: Teach you how to catch monster during battle, and send monster to a party_switch scene when party members is greater than 6. Also change the player shown on the screen to the actor you like, not just the first actor of the...
  14. Alt Menu Status

    Hi, I'm now creating my own menu status. And I know script like this could make it 3 * 2 Window_MenuStatus.prototype.numVisibleRows = function() { return 3; }; Window_MenuStatus.prototype.maxCols = function() { return 2; }; But if I want column 1 to have just 1 actor, and...
  15. VE Battle Motions about subjects

    Help with VE battle motion I read this Then I found: How can I choose the enemy been selected? For example: I want my enemy been selected show animation in the prepare sequence. And the scope is 1 enemy for the skill I...
  16. Help with VE battle motion

    Help with VE battle motion Anyone know how to throw a bomb? Please some me the sequence.
  17. formation

    Hi, I got question about how to open formation by javascript. SceneManager.push(Scene_Menu); SceneManager.push(Scene_Item); SceneManager.push(Scene_Skill); Something like this to lead me to the formation scene? Thanks.
  18. Picture Common Events

    Hi, I'm using Picture Common Events by yanfly And I'd like to know can I bind a key to the picture? Sometime plugin got some key to use. For example Game_Temp.prototype.loadInput = function() { Input.keyMapper[65] = 'a'...
  19. Chrono Enging ABS about shield

    Hi, everyone I am using Moghunter Chrono Engine ABS And I'd like to know which script is for shield I want to use the script in common event and use YEP_ButtonCommonEvents YEP_KeyboardConfig So I can change the button setting in game...
  20. Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    Tutorial topic: Chrono Engine. Brief description: Teach you how to use ABS. (It's still under progress. I'll make more and more tutorial about it in the future.) Requirements: MOG_ChronoEngine.js Tutorial link:

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