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  1. Help with randomize script

    So looking around online I pieced together a script that should be able to assign a random non-repeating value to a variable from a pool, it looks like this: var towns = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]; var townVar = [town1,town2,town3,town4,town5] var getNumber = function () { for (i=0,i < townVar.length...
  2. Retry Feature

    I posted this and didn't get any replies: So I thought if I made a new post with what my overall goal is more people might be able to help. I have a basic retry feature that is working, but it's not super...
  3. removing parameters from the equip screen.

    Trying to find a way to remove parameters from the equip screen. My game I am making does not use the magic attack or magic defense stat. Does anyone know a way to remove these from the equip screen? JahwsUF's Status menu core took care of the status page but I can't seem to find a way to do...
  4. Storing The Party's Current Item List

    I have a retry function built into my game. The only piece it is missing is returning used items. My thought process is that I would need to create a temporary array to store the current item list on battle start and then on retry set the party's item list equal to whatever is in the temporary...
  5. Default Battle Values

    I have a battle engine where mp and tp start at 50 out of 100 and move up or down based off of character actions. various affects occur at the extreme percents. Further, I am using the enemies mp guage as a break meter and it starts at 0. I have all of this functioning but I have a polish issue...
  6. Help with move type.

    Any ideas on how I would get this move concept to work. I want to drain an enemy mp gauge and heal my party by the amount drained + 50% of max health. Also, how do I make escape guaranteed.
  7. Need help with battle mechanic

    So I am trying to create a battle system where every action uses two meters, you drain sources from on and it fills the other. I am currently trying to get this working before doing any heavy design work. I am currently testing this by having a basic attack that costs 10 TP and restores 10 MP...

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