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  1. Setheim

    Setheim's Identity Design Workshop

    Hello everyone, Status: Open Availability: 0/2 Spots Open - Starting new projects around Monday August 22 2014 - You can leave your request and will put you on the waiting line.  Waiting List (If you are NOT on the list it means I'm already working on your project): I have been working as...
  2. Setheim

    Options not greyed out. Strange glitches all around.

    Hi everyone,  Ok I'm having a few strange glitches like: events that I edit will later return to a previous state, or sometimes after going from one map to another I get some passability issues where there should be none, fogs that don't dissapear even if I delete the event that calls them and...
  3. Setheim

    Once Upon a Nightmare

    This game started as an entry for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014 and can be found in such form here: Synopsis and features. Screenshots Teaser Trailer Demo  Thanks to: Housekeeping for his amazing feedback on the contest...
  4. Setheim

    Treat MP like TP or A second TP bar.

    Hey everyone, me again.  I've been trying to find a script that makes MP behave like TP (increase when actor damages enemy and / or when actor gets damage) but no luck so far.  The other option would be to find a script that adds a second TP-like bar.   I guess I could do this with a custom...
  5. Setheim

    Gain TP when attacked if certain state is applied.

    Hey there, Well, what the title said.  I tried to use Yanfly's TP script, but while it gives me the chance to control that no TP was gained when attacked or that TP is gained when state is INFLICTED it didn't give me what I wanted that is that to get TP when damaged ONLY if a (certain - not...
  6. Setheim

    Yanfly Battle Engine - Problem with faces.

    Edit: I fixed the problem, it was a compatibility issue, however I have a new problem (not sure if I should make a new post this was just wasted): When using Yanfly's ATB System once the bar fils I have to select the action twice, any thoughts?  ORIGINAL PROBLEM is FIXED (sorry to bother...

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