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  1. Custom Window Script

    I thought this could be done with yanfly core message plug-in but I think I was mistaken so I'll move this to script request instead. Here's more information, What I'd like things to look like. Just the book itself. Just a single in itself. It's 211x14 pixels. Note that the top part...
  2. Tailored Yanfly Message Core

    Hello again, I'm currently using Yanfly Message Core and the first extension. I paid a programmer to do this but he disappeared off the grid and I can't get what I've paid for which is very frustrating. Anyways, what really matters to me is to have the book at the bottom of the screen for me...
  3. Current Plug-in Problem

    Hello guys, So I paid a programmer to code a few scripts for me. Unfortunately, after telling me that he'd reply in a week, he hasn't replied since (this was two weeks ago). I've since tried to get in touch with him numerous times with no success. The code mentions in the "setup" part that I...
  4. Innovative Combat Design

    So I wanted to create a battle system which revolved around learning how to type (not unlike 'Typing of the Dead'). Unfortunately, doing so would involve too much programming which makes it out of the question. Ideas can only take you so far if you don't have programming knowledge (or very...
  5. Typing Battle Mechanic

    Hello again guys, So I did a google search but couldn't find anything which was what I was looking for. I've found a thread on this forum but it's incomplete. Here's the idea: 1. In battle, enemies attack in real time much like in an ATB system. 2. The player attacks by typing in words...
  6. Question about showing animation

    Hello guys, I want my main character to show some animation after doing certain actions in-game. I've looked up the show animation event but that just displays the engine's animations. I googled it as well but could only find unrelated information. I couldn't find anything related to what...
  7. Beginner Exploring Plugin Structure

    Hello again, I was suggested to look up how other members wrote their plugins so I decided to do just that (thank you @Restart). I've also been getting a lot of help from this wonderful community so I figured I would continue to seek my knowledge here. The plugin I'd like to dissect is the...
  8. Best Way to Handle Voice Acting

    Hello again, What is the best way to handle voice acting in RMMV? I need the text to appear at the same time as what is being spoken. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do to this. I'd like something like this at 5:15: I foresee headaches to synch audio and text so that's why I'm...
  9. [Solved] Show Picture Question

    Hello guys, So I want to begin my game with the following picture (see attached file). The resolution of RMMV is 816x624. So made a screen with the same size thinking it would fill out the whole screen. But I just get a black screen. Could someone point out what I'm doing wrong please?
  10. Complete Beginner Exploring rpg_windows.js

    So after receiving a lot of information about javascript and reading a whole bunch too, I thought I'd try to understand the code in rpg Maker by asking questions about what I don't understand. You can read more about it here. So I opened up the file in NotePad++ and did a bit of snooping...
  11. Learning Javascript: A complete beginner needs hints

    Hello guys! So I created this thread here: Seeing as I didn't get a reply, I figured I would try to do it myself. For some reason programming doesn't get into my skull all that well but I want to try. I'm an artist and the...
  12. Token Movement

    Hello guys, I'm using tokens in my game. Instead of walking from tile to tile they have this jumping, token-like movement, sort of like how you'd move a piece when you're playing chess. You can see an example here of token movement I'd be going for. I'd like the token to keep the direction...
  13. Displaying Inventory

    Hello everyone, I'm really new to this so any help at all would certainly be appreciated, including as descriptive instructions as possible. Basically this is what I have: -This represents a suitcase which in turn plays the role of the player's inventory. -The blue/white tag on the right...
  14. Triggering Character Animation

    Hello again, I've done a search about this but couldn't find what I was looking for. I've found a thread about 3-frames animations looping in the background but that's not what I'm looking for. Basically, I'm looking for a way for my character to perform various actions in reaction to certain...
  15. [RPG Maker MV] Pick Up Animation

    Hello again, I made an animation for my game for when the character acquires something, sort of like in Zelda: I'd like this animation to trigger every time the player acquires something. Of course, instead of an apple, I'd like the icon of the acquired item to show up on top of the...
  16. Revealing Rooms

    Hello everyone and thanks for clicking, I've build this apartment in my game. There are several rooms in it. Instead of having the apartment reveal its content from the get-go, I'd like the rooms to be gradually revealed as the player enters them. What would be the best way to go at this? I...
  17. Multiple Frames Speech Arrow

    Hello again, I have another question. Under "system" I've modified the "windows" file: [/IMG] I've modified the arrow animation 4-frame. I'd like for this animation to be smoother and therefore have more frames to it. I'd also like to be able to control the speed of the animation to my liking...
  18. Can't change default font through gamefont.css

    Hello, I googled this and searched for a while but none of the solutions provided worked out for me. So I wanted to change the game's default font to ''Apple_Kid''. I therefore copied the font to the font folder of my project like so: I then edit the gamefont.css using notepad wrong...
  19. Job Offer

    Hello, I'm looking for a Javascript programmer for a job (paid). I don't know where I should put the job offer as I couldn't find any sections related to offering jobs. I'd just like to know in which section I should post.

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