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  1. Moksock

    Custom Main Menu Without Plugins

    Hello, I'm posting this because ive had no luck in my search so far and so I've decided to ask the community for help. I'm trying to find a tutorial on how to make a custom Main Menu page that can replace the default MV Main Menu, but i would like to do this "-WITHOUT-" plugins. any help is...
  2. Moksock

    [Solved] Item used only in certain area

    Well im hoping i finally managed to put this in the correct section. I'm using RPG Maker MV. What i'm trying to make happen is there is an item called an Hourglass in my game i'm making that i only want used in certain maps, now in the screenshots i've provided it shows the two common events i...
  3. Moksock

    Event Image Rotating

    Such a simple question but I can't seem to wrap my brain around it, i hope to get some help. I run RPG Maker MV So i can make the lever graphic of the event rotate by setting the move route "Turn left/Wait 20/Turn Right/ Wait 20/ Turn Up" but I'm not so sure how to make it go backwords, if i...
  4. Moksock

    Multipul same common event calls

    Hello, I've tried to find something about this but nothing I've found relates to the exact answer I'm looking for. I'm using RPG Maker MV and I'm wondering if it's possible to have two events call upon the same common event and if it will work? Example you have two enemy fights and when they...
  5. Moksock

    Temporary Buffs not stopping

    Hello, in my game project im trying to make it so the player goes to a "Diner" and gets a buff to their stats for 10 minutes (have only been doing 1 minute at a time to test) but every time the player leaves or enters an area the buffs keep restarting and adding the bonus stats again, im hoping...
  6. Moksock

    Bridges & Water

    Hello Again, So im trying to make a bridge over the water, but the extensions for the bridge legs dont have an option for adding leg pieces, so i was wondering if there was a trick to extending the legs down longer? P.S i have no photo editing skills so i cant just photo shop them longer...
  7. Moksock

    Event Wont Transfer Player

    Hello, ive been trying to make an event that will ask a player to choose a gender ( two different character's ) then it will ask the player to make a name ( custom naming) then it will call the player by the name they just made, then it asks the player if they are ready, if they hit no its a...
  8. Moksock

    Rpg Maker MV Level Cap Script

    Hello Everyone, I have used the search option on the forum and i have also used google but with no avail so i am left with the only choice of posting asking for help, im looking for a script that can increase my level cap of my database from 99 to maybe 115? or higher? but i cannot seem to...
  9. Moksock

    {Event} Level Required

    Hello, Im just getting back into working with RPG Maker VX Ace so im here to ask for some help. My question is how would someone make an event (example: fishing) and you needed to have a certain level say (example: 5) how would you go about making the event check your level? i attempted this a...

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